The Correct Ways You Should Use To Choose Essential Seed Oils


The benefits you will get from essential oil depend on the role. For instance, you might be seeking to use seed oil to treat a burn or elevate your moods. However, you will not have any definitive list that will list the health condition that some of these seed oil wonderful treat.

How To Use Essential Oils

The benefit of using essential oils like prickly pear seed oil is that with will primarily enter your body. However, depending on the type of essential oil, it can enter through ingestion, inhaling, and skin. So, there are different methods that you can use your essential oil. In some cases, you might feel better to apply critical oil using sprays, massages, baths, and compresses.

Choosing The Correct Method For Applying Essential Oils

You have to remember that the application method you have decided to use will be dependent on the desired effect and the type of essential oil you are using. In some cases, you will find people complaining that some essential oils irritate their skin because they have their chemistry. So, in such cases, they prefer using essential oils through the inhaling process.

If you go to the market and purchase such essential oils, the method of application will entirely depend on the condition you want to treat and the effects you wish to receive:

  • Baths will involve having both tropical absorption and inhalation
  • You can address the mood effect by topical application or inhaling. In case you want to get results fast, it is recommended to use the inhalation process.
  • Wound care will mostly involve tropical applications.

In case you find that you are not sure the method that is suitable for you to use with essential oils, make sure you consult a physician.

Techniques Of Using Essential Oils

  • Compression

When using this method, you will have to dilute essential oil into a liquid carrier which is oil or water where you will apply directly to the affected area. In such cases, you have an option of choosing either cold or heat.

For example, you can use a few gingers essential oil drops and add them to hot water. When you mix, you will disperse the oil. After doing that, take a cloth and soak it in your solution and then place it in your stiff joint. You can, therefore, therefore, add heat as you desire.

  • Bath

When you want to bath, add drops of essential oil before you can step in. ItIt is a method that will help to absorb through your skin. Besides, you will also inhale the volatilized essential oil. You will also need to use cream milk for dispersant benefits. Don’t forget that the essential oil is not soluble in water.

  • Gargle

Here, you will add essential oil drops to water. After inserting, mix and then rinse that solution to make sure you spit it out. Avoid swallowing of the mixture. For example, if you have sore throat discomfort, you can clean a mixture of water with tea tree oil.

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