The Boot Dilemma Continues to Grow


Thanks to social media and the power of the internet, the 15 minutes of fame that fashion trends once received has now been whittled down to a mere 12 minutes or less.

Young customers are far more likely to invest in a particular item of clothing or an accessory because they’ve seen a high-profile celebrity influencer sporting in social media.

Way back when, a fashionable item developed into a trend when an individual made it a thing.

In the early noughties, Britney Spears brought the newsboy cap to the fore. Looking back through history, meanwhile, it was James Dean that inspired the bomber jacket and white tee look, and Audrey Hepburn introduced the ballet flats hype.

Modern day fashion trends and the rate at which they change create numerous wardrobe associated headaches.

One staple of the wardrobe for many decades has, however, been the versatile boot. They can literally be paired with anything, easily adapted for the casual day time look or the classy evening alternative.

That said, according to search trends, the public are still in the dark about how to wear them or what to wear them with.

Over the past 12 months we’ve analysed Google search volumes surrounding boots and what we’ve found regarding people’s dilemmas will certainly work to surprise you. Let’s take a look.

What to wear with black boots

Between June 2019 and June 2020, there was a growth of 400% in people searching for ‘what to wear with black boots?’.

Emily Ratajkowski, Zendaya, and Dua Lipa have all been pictured working black boots of different styles and shades in recent months — and more to the point, they’ve managed to make them look good. So, what are they doing right? suggests that black boots are here to stay and that you can introduce them to a number of your outfits effortlessly.

They argue the importance of keeping things savvy — black boots shouldn’t be restricted to a jean combo and they are playing a major part in the “suited and booted” revolution. Is it a day in the office followed by spontaneous drinks in the evening? No problem, as a pair of versatile black boots will save you carting two pairs of shoes with you.

How to wear ankle boots with dresses

The dilemma of how to wear ankle boots with dresses became particularly popular over the past 12 months, with a growth in search of 133%.

Now, much of this depends on the type of dress that you’re trying to pair up, but you’ll always find something that is easily interchangeable.

A rising star in the fashion world is floaty florals teamed with patent boots and bouclé dresses being partnered with chunky flat alternatives.

If you’re struggling for direction and failing to find a match, start things of by pairing the colour of your outfit to that of your boot — simple, yet effective.

How to pair ankle boots with jeans

One of the most longstanding queries in women’s fashion, the question of how to pair ankle boots with jeans also had a growth of 40% YoY search volume.

For most, this isn’t a style related question, it’s more so a general ‘how do I actually wear these?’ practicality question.

Do you tuck? Well, for knee high boots and over the knee alternatives you can stick the hem inside the boot without fuss. However, do this with ankle boots and all sorts of problems can develop. You can end up with excess denim crumpled around the ankle, creating discomfort when you walk, or your jean could untuck itself when you’re on the move, looking rather untidy.

Have the hem of the jean just touching the tip of the boot however and when and you’ll find that it won’t shift when you’re walking and only raise slightly when you sit down.


Check out our dataset which details other queries regarding boots that have gained interest over the past year.



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