The Biography of Most Famous Person Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik (Bahria Town Pakistan)


Introduction: There are a lot of real estate developers in Pakistan, but the most popular name among them is Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik because they do their work well, so they have been successful in the real estate industry, so they have earned quite a name in Pakistan. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik’s father is the seventh richest man in Pakistan, and he has worked in the real estate industry, and he is the leader among them, so Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik also chose his father’s business and got success in it. Bahria Town gave a turnover of one billion dollars which has brought his company to the forefront, and it is a great thing to take his company forward, so he is considered to be a very big person in his Nation, who by his work and wisdom has progressed in his field. He thought of coming into his family business because he had an interest in it from the beginning as soon as he finished his school, since then he started taking the necessary knowledge from his father and gained value within the real estate industry. He started his journey from a small post, and today he is in the position of CEO and doing good work by changing the business style and doing practices.

Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town

Educational Life & Personal Lifestyle

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was born before 2000 and was born in Rawalpindi in 1978. He studied from Rawalpindi, which was his town and his school name is Beacon House. He had prepared very well in school in his childhood, thinking about his future, and after visiting Dubai, he thought of creating a similar atmosphere in his country after seeing the beautiful building. When he saw the large building in Dubai and saw how people are gathering there, then it was thought in his mind that he should also create such an atmosphere in his area so that people will get a good tourist place in Pakistan and shopping centers also. He made a Dubai journey with his father, after which he thought of fulfilling his father’s dream of making Dream Iceland in Pakistan.

He began to understand business with his father and became a master, and his skills developed, and he managed his father’s company well in 1999. When he started working in his father’s company, he did not have much knowledge, but as time passed, he came to knowledge, and he has made a name in this industry today. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town has handled his project with the help of his management skills and building scales, and today he has become CEO of the company, and he is handling different projects and has done a lot of social work also.

He tried to take the company to heights with his hard work and dedication and he was successful. He gave different types of facilities to his company and also paid attention to the employees from time to time and gave his company 1 billion company turnover of Pakistan.

Current Projects

He is currently handling the real estate business and acting as a real estate developer inside his company and holds the position of CEO. Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town has handled a lot of projects, and even today, there are many projects going on, and there are projects for the time to come. A lot of projects are being handled by his company, such as Canal View Residency Awami Vilas, which is related to Bahria Homes. In the project, Green Valley, Bahria Garden City, and Mall Islamabad are involved in their projects and are working well on them so that they can be successful. Working within his family business, as well as bringing big projects in the real estate industry, both are challenging to handle, and he enjoys facing challenges because he is different from Pakistanandwant to take it to the next level.

Marriage Status

All his moments in his life also include his marriage. Ahmed Ali Riaz married Mubashra Ali Malik, who is also helping him with social work. His wife is donating the food to the poor people in Pakistan, and she is doing her task with all responsibilities. His wife belongs to a rich family of Pakistan, and their work is to make refineries in Pakistan. He, too, had the skills of his father’s business, and he mastered the skills right from home. He started working in Bahria Town and took up the daily work of delivering food to poor people, which is very difficult for a person with all the tasks with other responsibilities.

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