The Best Ways to Wear Gold Jewelry


Gold jewelry never goes out of fashion, plus it is a great way to make a statement. How do you wear it with an assortment of outfits, though? Learning how to wear gold properly, and getting the right shade for your skin tone, is incredibly important – much like wearing any other color such as silver. Jewelry is all about accentuating your current outfit. Here is the best way to wear gold jewelry.

Make it Pop

Your gold jewelry should be the centerpiece of your outfit that everything else supports and is supported by. Avoid wearing too much gold on your clothing, such as block colors. This can make the gold jewelry blend in too much, and so it won’t be as noticeable.

Choose colors that complement gold but aren’t the exact same shade, like dark blues, silvers, and grays. Too much gold can have the opposite effect and cheapen your outfit.

Choose a Statement Piece

A statement piece of an outfit is what draws the whole thing together and is often what will grab other people’s attention the most. Instead of wearing lots of pieces of jewelry at once, choose one or two, like those from Orocal, that make a bold statement by themselves. This will make the jewelry stand out much more and looks more elegant than tacking on lots of jewelry all at once.


Most people will stick with yellow gold jewelry because it is the classic shade, but there are so many different hues of gold that are just as beautiful and would make stunning accessories for many of your outfits.

Rose gold jewelry is extremely popular at the moment, and for good reason. It has all you love about classic gold, with a refreshing tint of rose pink to it that makes it unique. It is a needed and sophisticated twist on the original color that would match many pink or gold dresses.

Don’t just experiment with your jewelry; experiment with your clothes, too. Try matching different clothes to different pieces, even ones you think might not work well together at first glance. Emerald green looks divine with gold, but you might not think so at first!

Remember the Color Wheel

The color wheel is something everyone learned way back when, and it can still be useful now. Warm colors are on one side, while cool colors are on the other. These opposites complement each other and make each other pop! Gold is on the warm side of the spectrum, so try to match it with colors on the cooler side, like gray and pastel purple. Coral is also another color that matches gold hues.

Gold jewelry can make any outfit special. It can highlight your face and add that much-needed sparkle for special occasions. There really isn’t much golden jewelry can’t do for an outfit.

Remember not to clutter yourself with gold and keep it simple when you are going for an elegant look, and don’t forget to choose colors that complement, not clash.

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