The Best Outdoor Hobbies To Get You Connected To Nature


Thanks to an addiction to technology and busy schedules, it’s no wonder more people are finding ways to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re looking for something new to do outside, these outdoor hobbies can help you find the activity that will get you outside and connected to nature, even if it’s just for an hour or two each week. For more information, keep reading.

The best outdoor hobbies to get you connected to nature


Do you enjoy searching for hidden treasures? Geocaching combines your love of nature with a search for objects, leading you outdoors in search of new experiences. Set out on an adventure with GPS technology, following hints toward special locations known as geocaches. These are little boxes that contain some type of reward. Most often it’s a trinket or piece of information; every now and then there’s a prize worth seeking out (think: rare coins or pieces of silver). Even if you can’t find any geocaches, head outdoors anyway—just get connected to nature.

Bird Watching

If you’re an avid bird-watcher, then you already know how much fun it can be to hike around in search of your favourite species. Many bird watchers enjoy hiking through a variety of different terrains, weather conditions, and light conditions in order to find their favourite birds. Bird watching can be a wonderful way to connect with nature, as well as other hikers who share your passion for wildlife. Some consider it relaxing while others like that it makes them forget about their busy lives at home.

Camping and Hiking

Hiking is a fun way to get out in nature. There are trails for everyone: some easy, some more challenging, but all of them make for a good time. And that’s why hiking is an outdoor hobby you’ll never regret picking up. Many people think of it as a solitary activity (you vs. wilderness), but hiking is also great when shared with family or friends; make sure you take plenty of snacks. The most important thing you need is good hiking shoes or boots.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to get back in touch with nature. Even if you don’t eat your catch, just going out on a lake or river can be relaxing. Not only that, but fishing has been shown to help relieve stress, improve focus, and increase mindfulness—all of which can help with overall wellness. Try it as a fun activity with friends or family.

Build a Treehouse

If you’re a fan of Jack Handy quotes, then you’ll appreciate what he said about treehouses: “If you ever spend a night in a treehouse, it’s not because you’re a kid or anything. It’s because you are awesome.” To be fair, most people wouldn’t necessarily want to spend all their time in a treehouse, but that doesn’t mean they don’t think about how awesome tree houses can be. If you’ve got trees on your property or nearby, take that thought and run with it by building yourself (or working with someone else) on an awesome new hideaway.

Keep Bees

If you can’t handle bees, skip it. Otherwise, keeping them is a cheap hobby that’s full of benefits like exercise, fresh food, and your very own honey. Beekeeping isn’t just for people with a farm. It’s also an option if you have trees on your property or even just some spare land in your backyard that you don’t mind clearing out or planting. As long as you have room to keep hives and somewhere for new bee swarms to go, beekeeping might be a great hobby for you.

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