The Best Hairstyles for Businessmen


Hairstyles for businessmen come in many forms and cuts. If you are one, then it must be your goal to find the perfect haircut that will help you look your best as a professional.

If you’re running a hair salon, this collection of stylish, modern hairstyles for businessmen can certainly boost your high-value clientele. Get your hairdressing scissors ready and learn these options:

  1. Businessmen’s Undercut

This neat style has small undercut sides, and the medium-length top section with some volume is what gives this hairstyle an added edge over others. When styled properly, it can make your hair look like they belong on billboards and not undercuts.

  1. Caesar Haircut

The Caesar cut is derived from Julius Caesar’s signature short crop on both sides and some fringe at the front. This is one hairstyle for businessmen that never goes out of style, and it will probably last forever. Make sure to choose a flattering side part if you want to undergo this haircut, or else, your hair may look weird!

  1. Modern Quiff

This hairstyle requires high-hold products such as strong gel or light pomade, which can hold up thick locks close together in order to create volume and fullness.

It shouldn’t be too flat or too neat. You can brush off the excess volume with your fingers until it feels just right.

  1. Slicked-Back Undercut

Just like the name implies, this is a sleek but not flattened version of almost any other undercut style. It works well on those who have naturally straight hair because the product will help create that straight silhouette.

  1. Side-Part Hairstyle

People with wavy to curly hair should opt for this cut because it will make their natural locks look more interesting. It can also make your hair appear longer and well-maintained when styled properly with a side part (since upkeep is required).

  1. Modern Pompadour

This hairstyle gets its name from Madame de Pompadour. Much like Julius Caesar, she was well-known for her high forehead in addition to her gorgeous plaits.

The modern pompadour involves sweeping back the top front section of your hair while leaving out some volume on top, which creates interest when paired with a suit.

  1. Two-Tone Undercut

This cut entails the same amount of shortness on both sides and a bit of length in between. This means there is no need to go all out with your undercut, and it allows you to lift up your hair without getting too much exposure underneath. It’s all about clean lines and perfect long bangs!

  1. Side-Swept Undercut

Another great variation of the undercut, this style has the distinct advantage of not having any pesky forehead exposure like most undercuts do.

You can decide which side to sweep it across; right or left, whichever makes your face appear slimmer.

  1. Modern Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts died during the sixties, but they came back to life in the form of a modernized version. The hair is left long and wavy on top with a medium-length undercut on both sides. It’s the perfect style for guys with wild curly locks that are unwilling to tame them!

  1. Business-casual Undercut

This is an interesting take on the classic headband hairstyle. It shows your face while still camouflaging all that messy hair underneath, especially when paired with a suit or even without one.

Just make sure you get enough product down there for some volume because volume makes the difference between hiding it all under or making it look intentional.

  1. Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade only differs from the original pompadour by the fade at the sides, which means this style is perfect for those with all types of hair.

You can even use a matte-finish texturizer or wax to ensure that your hair doesn’t look too shiny after brushing it back!

  1. Businessman’s Hipster Haircut

This look is for those who are not afraid to try out something new. It has so much volume, but you won’t have any trouble taming it, thanks to some strategic product placement. You can easily balance out this haircut by making sure there aren’t any sideburns peeking, just like how they did it in the sixties.

  1. Side-Part Comb-Over Undercut

Another neat variation on the classic side part, this hairstyle comes with an undercut for guys who are aiming for a modern-day business look. The side part is also important because it makes sure all that volume doesn’t get too wild while still keeping it intentional.

When it comes to shaping hairstyles for businessmen, just remember that it’s all about understanding their face shape since every single cut comes with many variations. Once you master that, you can work out any cut for any kind of hair.

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