The Best Gifts To Give For Christmas: A Guide For The Perfect Present


The best gifts for your sister

Does your sister travel quite a bit for work and doesn’t often have time to spend with you? She’s a busy working girl and deserves a great present for all her hard work. Don’t know what to get her? Give her one of the many beauty-related gifts on this list.

Beauty desk staples, like a great face palette or a new lipstick, always get good reviews, but when you’re in a position to gift her a full-on glam kit, consider her next big purchase.

For the sister who’s a constant traveller, a leather-trimmed suitcase can give the world-class traveller the new sleekest carry on possible, while she’s still at home in her well-worn backpack. Just make sure you give her plenty of room to pack.

That said, there’s also the mid-range option to consider — be prepared to be overwhelmed.

The best gifts for friends

Great Gifts For Your Boyfriend

The best gifts for your husband

Got a husband? Do you know what presents he would love? Picture: PA

There’s plenty to get them, but how can you show them that you love them this Christmas.

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1. Pj’s

Pjs on Christmas morning are a lovely surprise. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto Pjs on Christmas morning are a lovely surprise. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You get up early, dressed for Christmas with the dog and husband standing over you with presents. They go downstairs for breakfast and suddenly you feel the bed frame sag.

The best gifts for your boss

In this post, we take a look at the best gifts for your boss, like a great mug or a new watch, that they will love.

Business gadgets, travel essentials, essential tech gear and gift ideas for students.

Best gifts for your boss in 2018

The best gift to give for your boss is to keep them happy, and we have a list of some wonderful ideas.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some of our favourites:

John Lewis Gift Card, You can get this gift card for 50% off until 14th January.

Amazon Echo Show, What better present for the boss than the ability to see how their team are performing and how many orders they’ve received.

John Lewis iPad Mini 4, This was the best iPad on the market last year, and one of the very best we’ve ever tested. Now, it’s even cheaper at £399.99.


A few weeks ago, I put up a survey in which I asked readers for advice on the best gifts to give for Christmas 2017. After compiling the most votes from readers and adding up the numbers, here’s what you guys came up with.

The things to remember about the items in the list, are that you should be targeting those who have a “want” and are reasonably easy to convince and that these gifts should be on the top of their wish list, rather than going all out in terms of stocking fillers or gifting anything that they don’t want or need. If you’re too extravagant with the present, it can be a downer for them – it’s not a great gift if it’s something they don’t want.

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