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Drug tests can be a big issue for us if our job depends on it so we are looking for ways to pass it if we have some unwanted chemicals in our system. The most common thing that testers look for is THC and because people know that, they figured out a couple of ways to cheat and pass it. Besides using synthetic urine, detox drinks for THC is also a popular thing to use.

There are people who don’t want to put something in their body that they don’t trust, some detox drinks just don’t work for them. There are some healthy products that won’t do any damage but still, people are skeptical about it. But if you really want to invest in something that will speed up the detox process. There are a lot of option online, you just have to find the best THC detox kit in 2020.

Most detox drinks would only mask THC for some time, but if you are someone who want to eliminates the toxin, you may want to consider something that will do more than masking THC.

How Long Does THC Stay in the Body

This depends on how long you have been using weed. For infrequent users, the THC cannabinoids will stay in the system for just 1-2 days, while those who have been using it for a long time and everyday can expect it to have the chemical remain in the body for a longer period of time.

Getting rid of THC metabolites will depend on the frequency of using marijuana, the body weight and the amount consumed will also be factors as to how long you can clean your body with THC metabolites. In most cases it will take 3-4 weeks.

THC can be dissolve in fats and so your fatty lipid tissue stores a lot of it. And because it is fat soluble, THC metabolites will be produced by your bloodstream at a constant rate. Consequently, there are many different cleansing techniques which seems to be not working and ineffective, as the fat cells in your body will constantly release THC metabolites into your system.

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What is Detoxing?

A detox is cleansing the body from traces of a substance by restraining one’s self from consuming it. In THC detox, by refraining from consuming cannabis, they body will be able to flush the substance from the system.

It has different effects on people who try to detox. It may be a difficult for some, while others they may find it as a simple process. This depends on how much cannabis one has consumed. For those that have been using marijuana for a long period of time and at a constant rate, the process of detoxing may not be pleasant as it may cause headaches, depression, irritability, anxiety, and insomnia. Some may have decreased appetite.

Natural Ways to Detox


Your body will be able to release dormant THC from through physical exercise. When THC levels is higher and larger amount of metabolite are stored in your body fat, one way of easily removing them is through diffusion.

 Healthy Diet

Eating unhealthy food slows down your metabolism. You have to avoid food that is high in sodium, and glucose and fat. By eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits and lean meats, you will be able to help your body get rid of the THC metabolites.


It’s good to know that the body has a natural way of detoxifying. If you abstain from using marijuana, your body will detox on its own and flush out THC in the long run.

Opt for tea

Drinking tea with high level of antioxidants also helps in detoxification. There are tea flavors which can help one cleanse the liver therefore flushing out toxins.

Drinking Water

As mentioned the body has its own system of detoxifying natural. Drinking more than the usual eight glasses a day will help the body detoxify faster. This helps the body get rid of toxins and get replaced by a cleaner solution.

If you are simply trying to detoxify on your own, these natural ways can be done and see gradual results. But if you want to hasten the process especially if you are going to undergo a drug test for employment, don’t worry, nowadays, there are more options that you can also consider such as using detox kits.

There are many benefits you can get from water detox. To know more about this method, read here.

Detox Kits

Drug detox kits are products made to help people who wants to achieve a fast negative result from a drug test. There are ways and techniques that have been created for individuals who have recently used illegal drugs where they have produced a sample that gave no trace of drug use at all. Despite these detox kits becoming more popular, there are just a few directives for their production. Some kits do not list their ingredients. If you plan to use any of these kits, you have to make sure that you are using the best and most effective one.

Are They Effective?

There are several studies conducted to determine if detox drinks really work. One study done by a journalist using three different cleansing products showed that all three gave a negative result but the first drink made the urine of the person to turn into neon. The second one had caused an upset stomach, while the third one had no side effects. If you are looking for which one works for you, the best thing to do is check out options and do a thorough research about a product before buying one.

Also, if you are taking any medication, it is best to consult your physician before considering using any detox kit. While you might find products online or in stores that do not give you any side effects, it is still best to get an advice from a professional.

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