The Basic Elements of a Meaningful Funeral Service


Some people may not be as comfortable talking about death or even thinking about it. But a graceful exit in this world seems like a pleasant idea, right? Although the dead would probably never see the happenings after their passing, giving them a meaningful funeral service to honour their life and what they meant to the ones left behind is just fitting.

Every funeral is unique, as it is very much a reflection of the deceased’s personality as it is of the bereaved family’s cultural and religious beliefs. If the deceased did not voice out wishes on how he/she wants the memorial service to go the moment he/she passes on, the decision of the loved ones who will plan the service shall prevail. There may be a difference in the elements of a funeral or the order in which they are presented, but at its most basic, these are commonly what one needs to think about when planning a meaningful service. Read on.

Paying last respects and saying goodbye

People mostly put together a funeral service for everyone who knows the deceased to say their goodbyes and to express support and sympathy to the bereaved family. This last opportunity to see the body physically is also an important key to acknowledge the reality of death. Unless someone otherwise stated it on the deceased’s last will or the family’s wish, the funeral directors in Leeds, for example, would arrange for viewing or visitation as part of the service.

Celebrating the life of the deceased in eulogy

When someone passes away, many people would like to come forward and share snippets of the significance of the deceased in their lives. Giving people the chance to do so through eulogies sufficiently adds meaning to the entire program. At least a close friend or relative is assigned to speak of his/her treasured memories of the deceased, but other times, a few other people deliver eulogies.

Seeking meaning through music

Music is an integral part of any memorial service. Typically, there would be a specific set of funeral songs ready to play. Other times, the bereaved family could request what tunes to play during the service and when to play them. This adds a lot of meaning to the event as music is soothing to the soul, it helps people to face their grief and begin their journey to get through it.

Remembering a life well-lived with symbols

There are several funeral symbols used at a service, depending on the deceased’s cultural and religious background. Flowers and candles are almost staples and angels, crosses, and religious statues are also used to help provide comfort to those who are mourning.

A funeral service is more than just a way to commemorate a life well-lived. It is also a way for the mourners to face the reality of death because that’s an essential key towards healing. That’s why you must be mindful of the elements to include in a funeral service you are planning, making sure it is meaningful for both the deceased and the bereaved family.

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