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The 3 Layers Of Web Development Process Explained

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Front-end web development procedure is often compared to a 3-legged stool.

Any and every web development process relies only on three primary factors:

  1. structure
  2. style
  3. behavior

These 3 factors can be compared to the 3 legs on which a stool stands.

Understanding the 3 layers of website development 

Layer 1: Structure (or content)

This layer is basically the underlying HTML coding of a web page.  Similar to the framing concept of a house that helps in creating a strong foundation upon which the entire building stands, the HTML coding provides a solid platform for Houston web development process.

HTML structure can comprise of both texts and images along with hyperlinks to allow the visitors navigate around the web.

Layer 2: Style (or presentation)

When it comes to web design in Houston , this layer is responsible for figuring out the appearance of the site before the visitors. It would dictate how the structured HTML document would appear before the audience. The best way to define this layer is through CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS files comprise of different styles that suggest different ways in which a document would be displayed through the web browser.

Layer 3: Behavior (or response)

This layer is primarily responsible for the actions of a web page. How the site would be performing or responding to user actions is determined in this layer.  For a majority of the web pages, this layer would focus primarily on JavaScript interactions on the web pages.

Separating the layers

When developing a site, and creating pages, it is recommended to keep the three layers separated from one another as much possible. It is better to confine the structure layer to HTML, behavior to the script, and visual styles to CSS that the site uses.

When developing a site, if there is a perfect separation in terms of style and structure, then there is a strong probability that the site would perform better and in a more effective way in search engines.

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