Textile Chemicals Market to Receive Overwhelming Hike in Revenues by 2027


Europe Textile Chemicals Market for Technical Textiles: Highlights

  • The Europe textile chemicals Market for technical textiles is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 3.2% between 2019 and 2027. Growing demand for hometech will drive the textile chemicals market in Europe. Further, rising demand for mobiltech and clothtech chemicals will propel the market during the forecast horizon. However, growing environmental concerns regarding the usage of textile chemicals will restrain the overall market. Some textile chemicals are also known to be carcinogenic. This has led to the emergence of biobased alternatives that will hinder the growth of the market.
  • Technical textiles are manufactured for technical and functional purposes rather than decorative and esthetic purposes. They are primarily manufactured from synthetic fibers. They are employed in several end-user industries such as automotive, sports equipment, agriculture, and health care.
  • Textile chemicals enhance and optimize the manufacturing process, thereby providing outstanding properties to final products. Textile chemicals offer various properties for specific functions or a particular desirable appearance.
  • The Europe textile chemicals market has a huge opportunity to grow with the increasing importance of geotextiles across Europe.

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Europe Textile Chemicals Market for Technical Textiles: Segmental Trends

  • In 2018, coating and sizing chemicals accounted for a 30% market share and emerged as the largest segment in the market. However, during the forecast horizon, the finishing agents segment is expected to display the fastest growth owing to the growing demand for high-quality fabrics.
  • The dyeing and finishing industry in Europe has been seeking to manufacture reactive dyes for textiles of high chroma or color purity. Most of the brilliantly colored fabrics on the market are blended. Very few are 100% cotton.
  • Mobiltech registered the highest growth in the market in 2018 and accounted for a 25% market share. The growth of the segment can be attributed to its extensive demand from industries such as railway, automotive, spacecraft, ship, and aircraft.
  • The agrotech segment to be the most rapidly developing application segment by 2027 owing to the extensive usage of agrotech chemicals in horticulture, forestry, landscape gardening, floriculture, and agriculture. Rapid increase in the number of organic farms in Europe will further fuel the demand for agrotech chemicals.
  • Under the current world conjuncture, the textile sector in turkey has been aiming to produce and sell high value added, original and high quality products at competitive prices. Turkey has been successful in the production of technical textiles over the last few years due to its well-developed textile industry and significant investments for raw materials. Istanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep, Kocaeli, and Tekirda are the major cities in terms of production of technical textiles.

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Europe Textile Chemicals Market for Technical Textiles: Regional Highlights

  • Germany, Italy, Spain, and France were the key consumers of textile chemicals for technical textiles in Europe in 2018. Demand for textile chemicals is rising owing to flourishing packaging and automotive industry.
  • Russia & CIS is anticipated to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is focusing on supporting the country’s technical textiles and nonwovens industries. The Government of Russia aims to increase the share of domestically made technical textiles up to 80% of the local market by 2027. Of late, the country has been utilizing its large reserves of oil and other resources, including timber and other raw materials, for the production of synthetics.
  • In UK, dye & dyestuff dominated the Europe textile chemicals for technical textiles market in 2018. Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics. Dyeing is usually done in a special solution containing dyes and a particular chemical material. After dyeing, dye molecules have uncut chemical bond with fiber molecules.

Key Developments in Europe Textile Chemicals Market for Technical Textiles

  • In July 07, 2019, CHT Group launches fluorescent pigments BEZAFLUOR FF for textile printing with the sub-brand Bezema Color Solutions
  • In January 2018, Lubrizol introduced two breathable microbe-resistant grade thermoplastic polyurethane resins for hot melt adhesives. Pearlbond 360 TPU and Pearlbond 960 TPU products can be applied in technical textiles, apparel, footwear, conveyor belts, and other applications
  • In January 2018, Archroma introduced the Smartpeel Hydro AM product range. It is a non-PFC based water repellent agent that can be used for cotton and synthetic fibers
  • On February 2018, DyStar company, along with its partner, RotaSpray, developed indigo spry dyeing process to reduce the environmental impact of the production of denim
  • On October 2017, Huntsman Corporation introduced Teratop XKS HL disperse inks. The product can be used in automotive, outdoor furnishing, and home textile industries.
  • In July 2017, the Lubrizol Corporation upgraded its textile coatings center of excellence facility in North Carolina, U.S.. The center is expected to invest in research & development for textile and non-woven substrate coatings.
  • On May 2017, Covestro AG, along with PUMA, launched evoPOWER Vigor 1 football footwear. Covestro developed polyurethane coating material for providing special design to the footwear.

Europe Textile Chemicals Market for Technical Textiles: Competition Landscape

  • Some of the key players in the Europe textile chemicals market such as OMNOVA Solutions Inc., Archroma LLC, Solvay S.A., Huntsman Corporation, The DysStar Group, The Dow Chemical Company, The Lubrizol Corporation, Kiri Industries Ltd., Bayer Material Science AG, and Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co. Ltd. The key players are mainly active in developing new textile chemicals.

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