Teal Swan – Embarking on a Mission to Set People Free from Suffering


Attachments often lead to suffering that induces both emotional and physical pain in people. Some men and women indulge in bad habits like alcoholism, drug addiction, and the like that are self-destructive in nature, while others seek the intervention of spiritual mentors to help them deal with the pain and suffering that takes control of their lives.

Teal Swan on spirituality and self-help

Teal Swan is a much loved and widely respected new age spiritual guru, social media celebrity, blogger, public speaker, and best-selling author. On the 16th of June, 1984, she was at Santa Fe, New Mexico, New York. She has founded the Headway Foundation, a non-profit company that enables goals, ventures, and ideas towards positive transformation worldwide.

Her mission today is to transform human suffering into an authentic and empowered life. She is the creator of the popular series on YouTube- Ask Teal, and has six globally published books. She also is an artist and is known for her multiple frequency paintings.

Knowing the truth and becoming free from suffering

She is generally recommended and prefers to heal and guide people who wish to know the truth even if it is hurtful. She says some people want to know more or use spirituality as a medium to feel good. She prefers not to work with such people as they come to retreats to relax and be comfortable.

She prefers working with people who seek the truth- according to her; reality can be impartial; however, it is not personal; it just shows you things as they are.

Reflection of the universe

She likes to reflect on things about humanity, the world, and how the universe actually functions. She shows her followers both the negative as well as the positive side of life. She reflects things about the world, humanity, and the universe that humanity is not keen to accept, own or even integrate.

She says that when one faces the truth and reality, they are empowered to embrace mental, emotional, and physical steps towards improvement based on their awareness.

Whenever a person decides that he/she is ready to see the truth, the reality is revealed

She has the ability to reflect both the physical as well as the non-physical reality of any situation. She is gifted with psychic abilities and extrasensory faculties. She understands life and has herself been the victim of several unfortunate incidents and challenges in life. She has managed to overcome them with courage and faith. Now, she uses her divine gifts to help others so that they, too, can break free from the shackles of suffering and be free.

Teal Swan says that without the suffering and the abuse in her life that she has experienced, she would have been someone who would have just rendered her followers with esoteric information about the universe at large. She would not have had any grasp on what was real and have only a half of the picture of human existence. She says thanks to her own suffering, she now has the full picture, and this is what makes her and her teachings different and unique from others.

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