Tarot cards – meaning and interpretation of some cards


Tarot cards are our path to communicate with spirit guides. Tarot allows us to better understand the situation in which we find ourselves and tells us what development opportunities we have. In our daily search, fortune telling from Tarot cards can be a signpost without which we would not know what to do. What do the different tarot cards mean and how can you work with them?

Tarot cards reader online Ludhiana are divided into Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana and their importance are the basis for learning to work with Tarot. At the very beginning it may seem difficult, so it’s good to use the knowledge of an experienced fortune teller. Sometimes the tarot fortune gives us so much food for thought that we feel the need to learn more about the meaning of the card. Find out the exact meaning of all tarot cards and use them to understand your future.

Tarot cards – meaning and interpretation

A modern tarot deck for divination contains 78 cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Small Arcana. The Great Arcana is a representation of archetypal figures and situations that show our stage in our life path. They are the most important thing in any fortune telling and they show energy that will not leave us for a long time.

Some famous Majour Arcana  in Tarot

Tarot – Fool

It symbolizes a new beginning, a happy turn of events that brings about a major change in our lives. The Fool tarot card gives us hope and a sense of trust in the Universe, it encourages us to start something over. He says the risk is worth taking!

Tarot – Mage

The Magus Tarot Card proves that we have everything we need to fulfill our desires. We have a potential that is waiting to be discovered. It informs us that we have a chance to achieve success in a given area of ​​life.

Tarot – Priestess

Famous Vastu Expert in Ludhiana studies that the high priestess tells the questioner first of all that the answer to the question lies within him. He convinces us to listen to our intuition, assuring us that it is she who is able to tell us the whole truth. The Priestess Tarot Card speaks of the inner wisdom of each of us.

Tarot – The Empress It is a symbol of the birth of something new that we have only thought about so far. It is creating something that will bear fruit. The Empress Tarot Card gives us warmth and care. It teaches that the world has an infinite abundance in it and shows how to draw from its source.

Tarot – Emperor

It refers to the importance of feeling in control of events in our lives and whether we are trying to have power over other people. The Emperor Tarot Card asks: Do we strive to introduce order into our reality, or do we want to impose our will on others? The zodiac sign Aries corresponds to him.

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