Talent Acquisition: the art of hiring that perfect candidate


Talent acquisition is the process that involves the successful hiring of employees after having recognized their true potential in regards to the objectives of the organization. The responsibilities of staff management focus around understanding which department does the candidate appearing for the interview is best suited, and thenceforth compelling the individual to take up the profile, if that is not the case initially.

One wrong hire on part of the talent acquisition would without a doubt result in further recruitment, re-training of the new hires and an additional amount of capital spent on streamlining the skill-sets of the new-comers with that of the organization. This makes good performers to be retained, highly important on part of the staff management.

If the talent acquisition unit tried to adhere to the following, then the aim of effective hiring can be met assuredly:

• In taking the best-suited candidate and not just hiring on the basis of the background.
• The company should nurture an environment, that goes on to establish confidence in the person to give 100% and   no less. If such is the case, none of the parties would have any problem living up to the promises.
• The work culture at play needs to be ideal if not out of the world. This requires the management to embrace an all-inclusive environment wherein the employees have the liberty to put forth their views.
• The best performing candidates need to be appreciated. For this, the staff management needs to come up with activities through which one gets to interact and know the top-performers and in turn gets the boost to work harder to be at the place, the next time.
• The learning opportunities are something that every employee looks forward to. What is the value that is being added to the resume, at the end of the day? That is the big fat question which needs to be addressed.
• Fun-activities regularly keeps the environment healthy for a hardworking mind to grow. The staff management should also heed to the same.

Today’s competitive world demands that organizations retain existing talent in every form, making it imperative for the Human Resource department to nurture talent management effectively. It is beneficial to the organization as well as the employees. Once the manpower of the talent acquisition group prepares itself to fill the void through example-setting hiring practices, the staff management could very easily go ahead and prepare the breeding ground for the future leaders that will hold the progressive reins of the company in their hands.

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