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Surrogacy – An Alternative to Creating Families

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When the times are tough and you are low, the one thing that keeps you going is your family. There’s a point in life where you want to stop running away from responsibilities and embrace them. You want to take forward your family by having your own progeny. The feeling of parenthood is amazing, when parenthood hits you, it is the most amazing feeling. But there is some time span that you have to endure after you decide to become a parent.

Conceiving the thought of being a parent might take a moment, but conceiving a baby takes days. In case you are not able to conceive through natural processes due to infertility in either of the spouse, there are alternatives that you can go for. IVF, Surrogacy, IVF Surrogacy are some of the trusted alternatives to natural way of conceiving. Here is all you need to know about surrogacy.

The Terms:

Surrogacy is a reproduction method in which the couple who is wishing to have their own child appoint a woman, to carry their child for 9 months. The couple is referred to as ‘intending parents’ and the woman carrying the baby is referred to as ‘surrogate mother’. The surrogate mother is aware that the possession of the child will always be with the intending parents and her role will be over after giving birth. In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate mother is paid money after the baby is born.

The conception process:

The process of conceiving in surrogacy happens artificially. The egg and the sperms that combine to form the embryo can be taken from the intending parents and then implanted in the surrogate mother. This process takes place at the In Vitro Pregnancy (IVF) clinics. Other methods that can be resorted to are taking sperm from the sperm bank and then going for IVF, or directly inserting the sperms in the surrogate mother allowing it to combine with the eggs. The most common method for surrogacy however remains IVF Surrogacy.


Some countries have very stringent laws when it comes to surrogacy. In India surrogacy is legal. There is a contract signed between the two parties, the intending parents and the surrogate mother. The contract emphasizes that the baby solely belongs to the intending parents and the surrogate mother does not have any role in raising the child.


Surrogacy is a very safe alternative for child birth. Not everybody could be the surrogate mother, there are several tests conducted to ensure that the surrogate mother is very healthy. In the IVF process, before implanting the embryo in the surrogate’s womb it is assured that the embryo is healthy through different processes. In case of taking the sperms from the sperm bank, the sperms are also medically tested.

The identity of the surrogate mother and/or the sperm donor is always confidential. There is a non disclosure agreement duly signed to keep information under wraps.

Who can be the Surrogate?

The surrogate mother can be any woman. There are different age limits for Surrogate mothers in different countries. In some countries only the woman who is well known to the intending parents is the allowed to carry the child in her womb. However in many countries any woman can act as the surrogate to the intending parents.

Surrogacy facilitators:

There are many agencies that help the intending parents to find a surrogate mother. The agency when approached by the intending parents looks out for a woman who is willing to be the surrogate mother their child. All the tests are performed on the woman. The safest way for conception is found out (either the parents’ cells are taken or the a sperm bank is contacted). The agency then acts as the mediator between the two parties and carries out all the legal formalities and processes the required documentation.

Who can go for Surrogacy?

There is no bar as to who can opt for surrogacy. There is no age bar to opt for Surrogacy; young couples, as well as elderly couples, both can consider Surrogacy to have their child. Surrogacy acts a boon for people who are longing for a child of their own but face infertility issues. Surrogacy is the only ray of hope for people who want to be single parents or the couples of same gender.

Surrogacy is a very safe and secure alternative to start one’s family.

Surrogacy Success Story

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