Stretchmark Treatments


Stretch marks are basic types of particular scars that make the skin of the human body stretch or contract rapidly at different positions. Typically, stretch marks appear as a series of parallel lines on your skin. These lines may have a different texture and colour from the surrounding skin. Although these can form anywhere on the body, they are more likely to appear where there is more fat storage in the body in areas like the stomach or thighs.


Stretchmarks mainly appear on the external layer of your skin and are brought on by an increase in the hormone cortisone, which is normally produced by the adrenal glands of the body. Stretchmarks are most frequently present on the abdomen, particularly in the region around the navel, the breasts, the thighs, the hips, and the buttocks. These marks appear frequently in the upper arms, both over and under, of weightlifters and bodybuilders. Stretch marks frequently result from weight changes, pregnancy, implants, and muscle strengthening.


Today, several treatments are available that promise to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, and these can be removed or reduced with the help of two newly introduced modern therapies that prove very effective in this regard. These are Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) treatment.


PRP for stretchmarks is one of many professional treatments that can provide effective relief from stretch marks, sagging skin, scars, skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation. PRP can help encourage the regeneration of collagen and elastin, two things essential for youngerlooking, firmer skin. It’s fast in clinic procedure that can be done in your lunctime.


PRP is a very promising natural procedure for the treatment of stretchmarks. The stretchmarks are treated with platelet-rich plasma that is collected from a patient’s blood. The nutrient-rich platelet plasma is used as a lubricant while the area is being treated with micro-needling.


PRP therapy for stretch marks procedure which typically takes only 30 minutes to one hour depending on how large an area is being treated. We recommend that you drink lots of water and eat a healthy meal before the procedure. Following PRP therapy for stretch marks, you can observe the skin starting to swell a little. This happens usually because the body takes up to three weeks to regenerate cells and create collagen in the area where PRP was applied.


During PRP therapy for stretch marks, a patient’s body goes through several regeneration processes. The body reacts to damaged outer skin tissues by producing more platelets at the affected site to promote cell development and repair. Generally, stretch marks which are being treated with PRP significantly improved, both subjectively and objectively, according to the results.


PRF is a unique form of platelet-rich plasma which uses the body’s platelets to help rejuvenate skin. Although there is no particular cure for scars or stretch marks, PRF’s regenerative properties in combination with micro-needling and threads offer the best outcomes of any known therapy. It has a tiny number of stem cells that circulate in your bloodstream as well as extremely high levels of fibrin and white blood cells. Unlike PRP, PRF is centrifuged at a slower speed, the blood layers do not separate as clearly. Some stem cells and white blood cells can stay in the platelet layer at a slower rate.


Similar methods are used by PRF and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), the more well-known treatment, however, PRF is the new generation PRP with effective outcomes. Comparing PRF to PRP, the growth factors are present three times as frequently. Growth factors and platelets can be released gradually for seven to ten days with PRF but quickly with PRP due to the special protein named fibrin that is present in PRF but not in PRP therapy.


There are no reported harmful side effects for PRP / PRF therapies reported to date. But some common factors might be observed like with any injection.You can also have alittle bruising, swelling, and soreness where the PRP / PRF was injected. The tightening and rejuvenating process will start after the redness subsides.


If you are looking for natural skin treatment for the improvement of your stretch marks, then feel free to reach us at PRP Hair Loss Treatment & Skin Clinics in Melbourne & Sydney for a free consultation assessment to see if PRP / PRF Therapy For Stretch Marks is right for you.


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