Sperm donation in high demand


To reach the dreams of parenthood couples are using artificial insemination and IVF method due to increasing infertility rates. Sperm bank Mumbai is a result of this growing demand of parenthood.

What is sperm donation?

In recent years, sperm donation is very popular amongst couples having problems with parenthood and single parents. The sperm donation process is done in two ways, i.e. donor insemination and in-vitro fertilization. The sperm donor in result can earn money by donating sperm. But the sperm donors have to undergo different requirements qualifications and screening to successfully donate sperm. It is not that you always go on to donate sperm with the objective to earn some cash, but some people tend to do it with a sense of happiness at the same time. They are really keen to help others.

The screening before collecting sperm:

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends some requirements to follow the sperm bank during the collection of sperm from any sperm donor. His food and drug should be checked. If he has any infectious disease and other risk factors are affecting him. His age should be between 18 and 39. Other physical examinations like blood and urine test are tested. A regular sperm donor should take regular physical examination tests within every six months. If he is tested right then the sperm samples are taken and tested. The samples’ quantity, quality and movement are tested by the sperm bank. Genetic testing is also done of the donor by blood test. His family medical details, personal and sexual history are taken for checking any hereditary disease. If the screening process ends to a success a consent form is given by the bank to the donor for donation process. Then the bank determines the sperm count and mortality. The sperm sample is transferred to a vial. The sperm health is protected by adding a cryopreservative compound. The sperm thus can be stored for many years.

Where to preserve the sperm for the process?

A sperm bank also known as cyrobank is a bank which collects sperm from the sperm donor and then freezes it and lastly stores it. The sperm thus preserved is given to use by the couples seeking artificial insemination or IVF procedures. Again, age is a key factor for decline rate of sperm count. Thus, various men choose to bank sperm for future parenthood. With the advancement in technology, the sperm banks have become more convenient and affordable. Now a day sperm can be donated in sperm bank through online also.

Choosing a sperm bank in Navi Mumbai

A sperm bank should be reputed enough to be chosen by any couple or single parent for their parenthood. The sperm bank should be laboratory accreditation, state licenses and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) compliance. Their screening and testing process should be checked before paying for donated sperm. There are plenty of sperm banks available in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

You need to take note of the fact that you just cannot walk into a sperm bank and donate sperm. Most of the banks have stringent parameters in place and a lot has got to do with the mindset of the donors as most of them tend to look for quality sperm. The age criteria and the track of sexual diseases is of importance.

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