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Southwest Name Change/Correction Policy for Domestic & International Tickets


Reservations with Southwest Airlines provides an easy facility to booking flights online by its official website. However, after a booked flight, if the passenger needs any changes to their flight, then also they can easily manage their booking by going to its official southwest airlines manage booking section. Here, the passengers can do many changes to their current booked flight tickets, or even cancel their flight itself simply.

Southwest doesn’t change names on tickets, except in the case of marriage/last name change.

FYI: If you call Southwest Airlines Phone Number within 24 hours of booking a flight you can cancel that flight for a full refund, then rebook using the “correct” name. This works if you’ve just entered the name wrong, or need to change the name of the passenger flying.

In the case of a marriage name change, contact Customer Relations at 1-855-234-4654, and they will, upon supplying proof of old name/new name (old ID, new ID, and marriage license), update your Rapid Rewards account and change the name on an existing ticket.

If you’re told otherwise, hang up and call back. And remember to contact Southwest Customer Relations at 1-855-234-4654, not the “regular” number.

Steps to change the name of the passenger for a Southwest reservation

If you want to change the name of the passenger then you open the website of Southwest Airlines first and tap on the manage booking section.
Now under the manage booking section, click on the change reservations link. Now under the change reservations link, first of all, enter your booking number and last name to fetch all your flight details.
Once your flight details load, follow the online instructions to find if your airline allows making changes in the flight or not.
If yes, then tap to change the name and save the changes once all the steps are being completed.
You can also call on the helpline number and request the airline staff to change the name of the passenger.

Furthermore, you cannot change the name on the flight ticket, but, if you need to change other details of your booking such as date, time, cancellation of the flight, and many others. So, then you can go to the southwest airlines manage booking section and make the changes easily and quickly, as per your travel needs.

Easily Manage Booking of your Flight Ticket with Southwest Airlines:

For making changes to your Southwest Airlines flight tickets, you have to follow the steps given below:

Source: Southwest Name Change/Correction Policy for Domestic & International Tickets

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