Solving The Issues with the Right Ramps


To choose the length of the access ramp, there is no perfect calculation because it all depends on the height of the obstacle and the desired slope.


Desired slope of 6%:  if the height of the obstacle is 40 cm, you will need a ramp of 800 cm;

Desired slope of 10%: if the height of the obstacle is 15 cm, you will need a 150 cm ramp;

Desired slope of 12%: if the height of the obstacle is 6 cm, you will need a 50 cm ramp.

Which ramp width to choose?

There are a multitude of wheelchairs, each with a different size. It is advisable to choose a ramp with a minimum interior width of 80 cm in order to be able to accommodate the maximum type of chair.

What do the regulations require?

The ez access ramp must imperatively support a minimum of 300 kg. This makes it possible to accommodate electric wheelchairs sometimes weighing up to 150 kg and themselves supporting the weight of their user;It must be fitted with a wheel guard to guarantee the safety of the wheelchair user by preventing possible falls. When the difference in level is greater than 40 cm, the installation of a guardrail is compulsory;

It must have a non-slip coating.

Accessibility is of major importance for people in wheelchairs. With the incessant evolution of technology, it is now easy for anyone with reduced mobility to access several sites. For a person in a wheelchair, the PRM ramp or access ramp is practical and suitable equipment. This is essential equipment to allow people in wheelchairs to access different places. It helps them navigate obstacles, such as a curb or doorway, easily and conveniently. In this article, you will find some tips and solutions to make everyday life easier if you are in a wheelchair.

Ramps adapted for people in wheelchairs

The market offers a wide range of access ramps for people in wheelchairs. The choice will mainly depend on the type of chair you have. Thus, if it is an electric wheelchair, a foldable ramp is the most appropriate. It allows you to easily take a step of 20 cm. The models are numerous according to your preference and your budget. The key is to obtain equipment adapted to your needs. In any case, note that a folding ramp is always light in order to offer you practicality and comfort of use. And they are specially designed for wheelchairs.

The different types of access ramps

A wheelchair ramp is available in several models. You can then choose the appropriate version to facilitate your accessibility. Here are the different models available:

  • Mobile ramps, particularly used in establishments to make them more accessible.
  • The threshold ramps, design, robust and easy to install, allow you to cross an obstacle of 15 to 100 mm.
  • Modular fixed ramps are very practical to offer a little independence to people with disabilities.

The standards governing access ramps

Accessibility in business premises and public sites is ensured by different types of access ramps. For the ERP, the slope of the ramps must respect strict standards which are stipulated in the legislation of 2005. Thus, a slope of less than 5% is obligatory for disabled people in wheelchairs without assistance. For a length of less than 2 meters, it must be 8%, and 10% for a length less than 50 cm. For removable installations, a maximum slope of 15% is required.

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