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Imagine being able to take your smoothie with you on the go wherever you might be. Think back a few year, and this would only be possible if you bought the smoothie from a shop or stand. Of course, you can still do this, but we now have the added benefit of portable blenders making it possible to make our own smoothie or juice on the go. Technology has progressed so far, that portable blenders are now becoming a fashion accessory and a must have.

There are a few companies out there who sell portable blenders, but one that really catches the eye is SmartBlend. They are an Australian based company specialising in portable blenders, and it is safe to say that their design is one of the best looking out there. Looks aren’t everything when it comes to portable blenders, but if you want yours to be more of a fashion accessory, then you really should consider SmartBlend. That way, you’ll have no problem showing others your blender. In fact, you’ll probably finding that they want to get their own!

One key factor with SmartBlend is the trust they offer. In this day and age, consumers want peace of mind that what they are buying is genuine and from a trusted source. That’s why SmartBlend offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, while the 12 month product guarantee ensures that they believe in their product. The 12 month guarantee ensures that should you have any problems with your blender, you can return it to SmartBlend HQ and they will exchange the product for you, free of charge. The 30 day money-back guarantee also means that if you don’t like your blender within the 30 day period, simply return it and receive your money back. No questions. This really boost consumer confidence.

One main feature of SmartBlend is the ice-crushing functionality. While most companies say their blender crushes ice, this is quite questionable in our experience. Not with SmartBlend, their portable blender has no issue when crushing ice. This is even evident from the video on their website, which clearly shows the powerful blender smashing through ice. This is actually a separate functionality on the blender. When the ON button is pressed twice, this activates the ice crushing function.

The beauty of the portable blender is that it can be used absolutely anywhere. There is no restriction due to the portability. Unlike normal blenders, which usually come with a plug adapter, the portable blender doesn’t have this. It is charged by a USB, which can be used with any existing plug adapter, such as mobile phone chargers, headphone chargers, and even power banks. So, whether you’re in the office all day, working out in the gym, or even travelling the world, your portable blender can be close by to help you get those healthy calories in. Just pre-load the ingredients, then all that’s left to do is hold the ON button for 3-3 seconds to start the blender. After about 45 seconds, the ingredients will be blended into a fine smoothie/juice. In some cases, depending on the ingredients, you may need to start again or angle the blender to ensure all ingredients are chopped.

Most portable blenders on the market offer a capacity of 300-380ml, however, SmartBlend is a whopping 450ml, which means you get more for your money. It is supported by a 2,500mAh battery to give a 16,500RPM on the blades. The blender itself can make up to 20 cups per full charge, although, to get the best performance, it is recommended that you charge more frequently to ensure optimum performance. To be more environmentally friendly, the blender has a high borosilicate glass jug, instead of plastic. This means the blender can actually withstand hot temperatures as well as extremely cold temperatures, hence the ice-crushing abilities.

The portable blender is an extremely convenient product, and to add to this, it is very easy to clean. All that is required is to fill the blender with water and washing liquid, tighten the lid, press the ON button, and let the blender do its thing. After only a few seconds, the blender will clean itself. Turn the blender off, wait for it to settle, then pour the contents out. You may need to repeat this process depending on the ingredients used. Once complete, turn the blender upside down and leave to dry. It is important when cleaning not to get the base too wet as this could have an impact on the motor and electrical components.

In conclusion, the portable blender is a great product, whether it’s for you, a loved one, or even as a gift for a friend. The packaging is top class too, and the blender is carefully packaged, enclosed with thick foam to protect it in transit. At only $73.99 AUD, SmartBlend is a bit of a bargain. Yes, it is more expensive than some of the blenders on the market, such as those offered via Aldi, eBay etc, but the quality and performance means the price is justified. It has never been easier to keep healthy and get those 5-a day fruit and veg in. Head over to to checkout the blenders and potentially get yours today.

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