Small Business Strategy- A Framework for Change


Change is the only constant in nature. Those who sail with the change survive and those who resist it ultimately perish. It holds true for business as well. The ecosystem and market is rapidly changing every day and business houses must go with the wind to soar high. Sitting on the fence and waiting for the change to act on us can be dangerous for the survival of the business. It is important to know the changing pulse of the business environment and adept your organization with it. It might seem to be an overwhelming task to study the mood of the market and change the foundation of a business, but with careful analysis, strategy certifications, this task can be achieved smoothly.

The first step to strategic thinking is understanding the foundation. Ask questions like what drew you to this line of business? What was your objective? Where you stand now? Irrespective of whether you are a sole entrepreneur or working in a partnership the core values which drove you into it, should always be your source of inspiration. If these core values are clear then you can easily identify what can be done to enhance it, you can find new opportunities for the betterment of the organization and it will all seem as natural evolution of business rather than rocket science. It would be the most legit way to achieve the core values of the business.

Looking at where you stand now, your market positioning, scope of development the management would be in a better decision making ability to make certain changes to step up in the ladder. Use SWOT analysis i.e. identify the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Will be very useful in chalking out area of concerns and plans to remove hindrance in business

While many entrepreneurs are afraid of doing the numbers, it is the most accurate way of ascertain the health of a business. Go for a detailed analysis of feedbacks, sales number, revenue, product line sales generation, operations cost etc. It will help identify the strongest and weakest link of your business and then one can amend their ways accordingly

While enterprise may be a nonexistent person but it is an outcome of a person’s dream, hard work and aspirations. Setting lofty goals for business and making it a success is everyone’s dream. If you also have one such aspiration for your business, then it is a boon for you. Such aspirations cold be the driving force behind pushing the limits and making all-out effort to achieve them, even if it involves changes in business

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