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Sit comfortably and game for the long haul

These days a lot of us are spending more and more time at home. We may not have got used to sitting still at a desk for long periods. Gamers, on the other hand, do this as a matter, of course. So how do they stay comfortable for the duration of a gaming session? Well, they make sure they’re seated comfortably! We are going to take a cue from serious gamers, and discuss exactly how they do it next.

Grab a bag

We all know that the way you are sitting when facing a screen is the key to avoiding aches and pains. You may be thinking about ergonomic seating, but one of the quickest solutions is simply grabbing one of the foam bean bag chairs from Fombag, which provides a supportive place to lounge about with friends while gaming. You might be surprised by how ergonomic, comfortable and large beanbags can be, if you have not seen the likes of these before!

Don’t game alone

Of course, you may not want to be gaming alone. Maybe game night is a thing in your household. If that’s the case, then you’re going to want to have seating that can fit as many people as possible, as comfortably as possible. And this is where choosing a couch may be the best option for you. However, if you have a large enough floor space, just get more beanbags and make everyone in your room comfortable.

How big is too big

The starting point for choosing a gaming couch will depend on the space you have, as well as how many people you plan on having over at any one time. You could also consider future functions of the couch when determining what size to get – will you use it outside of gaming, for instance?

In case you have plans of using the couch as a bed for guests, why not get a sofabed instead? In addition to providing a comfortable space for your friends to crash on for the night after a heavy gaming session, a bed can also fit a lot more people than a couch can at any given time.

Comfort and cost

Of course, your ideal couch may be just that little bit out of your budget, so you will have to consider that when making your final decision. You might also want to think about the style of the couch – do you want people to be able to sit in their chairs with armrests, or be able to snuggle down together? Make sure the material can handle spillages if gaming gets exciting!

If the sofa material itself cannot handle spilled coffee, soda and alcohol, put a cover on it. In fact, you should most likely be covering up your couch anyway, especially if you have guests coming over frequently, or there are children in the house. Spillages are almost inevitable, so washable materials and covers are highly recommended for everyone.

Gaming for one

But you may be strictly a solo gamer too, or maybe Covid-19 has forced you to game online. In that case, you’re going to want to be looking for a chair that will meet your needs while you play. Words like comfort, ergonomic and more will have been bandied about while you choose. And there are a ton of criteria for selecting the best option. Above all though, there are two primary criteria that you should concern yourself with, which are:

Buy from a place that has a trial or return policy of at least 7-days, if not longer. This will also allow you to check whether the chair is having any long-term negative effects on your spine, wrists, neck and other vulnerable joints. Only keep a gaming chair if it passes with flying colors on all these points, since this is a matter of long-term health implications.

Take breaks

It does not really matter whether you gaming, working or binge watching a series – we are not meant to sit in one place without movement for very long periods of time. It is suggested that you take a break from your gaming sessions every 20 – 30 minutes to keep your blood flow moving and protect your joints from freezing.

During these breaks, take a few sips of water and if you have not eaten for a while, do so. The hydration, the food and the moving joints will practically help you to game longer without letting the long sessions affect your health. As an added advantage, you will find yourself doing better in the games as well! Ensure that the breaks are indeed not missed in the heat of an online battle, by setting periodic alarms to remind yourself.

It’s all about posture

As a gamer, you’ve likely already implemented several ergonomic strategies to optimize your gaming. Your screen is an arms-length away, and your controller fits your hands nicely, the headset sits tight and so on. You may have neglected your back. Grabbing the perfect chair that supports your back is essential. For lower back support, there is a trick that can do wonders, provided that it is implemented ergonomically. Most comfy chairs can be made even more comfortable for your lower back by simply adding a thin, memory foam pillow, right at the juncture where the upper and lower halves of the chair meet. The foam contours and supports the lower back in exactly the way that it needs to, especially if you are a tall individual.

There are a number of these out there that provide extreme comfort. To take gaming to the next level, why not choose a seat that has a lounger function so you can game with your feet up. Pick one that has a strong back, though and arm support to take you the whole way. And make sure it’s easy to clean!

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