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Single-cell Omics Market : Future Growth Analysis, Demand Forecast, and Future Outlook

Global Single-cell Omics Market: Introduction

Single cell genome-wide approaches provide a valuable opportunity to measure different molecules, such as DNA, RNA, protein, and chromatin with ultimate resolution. Utilizing these different single cell omics profiling strategies as building blocks, we can construct a multi-omics profile for the same cell. Development of high-throughput next-generation sequencing technology has enabled multiomics analysis at single-cell resolution. Single-cell multiomics would also enhance our understanding of the cellular properties and population architectures of heterogeneous tissues and provide snapshots of the interplay between these multiomics molecular layers and the complexity encompassing every level of biological organization.

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Single-cell omics are becoming increasingly prevalent, owing to continuous technological improvements and they contribute to the discovery of new and rare cell types as well as deciphering of disease pathogenesis and outcome. Single-cell omics have great potential in deciphering virus biology and virus-host cell interactions, and are a powerful tool in virology that should be applied more often in the future.

Key Drivers of Global Single-cell Omics Market

Technological Advancements in Single-cell Analysis Products

New advances of single-cell technologies are facilitating the opportunity to discern biological insights within individual cells. Single-cell technologies can be crudely split between those that enable single-cell separation and those that enable single-cell analysis. From the cell separation perspective, new approaches that isolate single living cells from a fluid sample; manipulate cells for image-based selection; utilize infrared laser capture; and those that compartmentalize individual cells into picoliter droplets are of great interest. New single-cell platforms facilitate separation and analysis, and in some cases both the potential development of these technologies and their limitations are rapidly being developed and are proving of increasing interest to researchers, particularly in the area of single cell genomics.

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Growing Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Industries

Large-scale biotech-manufacturing facilities require US$ 200 Mn to US$ 500 Mn or more to build, compared with similar-scale small-molecule facilities that may cost just US$ 30 Mn to US$ 100 Mn. Rapid growth and increasing importance of the industry is producing new challenges and opportunities. Biopharma players must revisit and fundamentally reassess many of the strategies, technologies, and operational approaches they currently use in order to keep pace.

North America to Account for Major Share of Global Single-cell Omics Market


Key Players Operating in Global Market

The global single-cell omics market is highly consolidated, with the presence of a small number of key players. Several manufacturers hold a major share of the market in their respective regions. Leading players operating in the global single-cell omics market are:

Global Single-cell Omics Market: Research Scope

Global Single-cell Omics Market, by Product Type

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Global Single-cell Omics Market, by Application

Global Single-cell Omics Market, by End-user

Global Single-cell Omics Market, by Region

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