Should You Buy a Pro Camera for Your Streetwear Brand?


The rise in popularity of digital photography signaled the death of manual cameras, especially film single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. In the past 10 years, digital SLRs (DSLR) has become a must-have in the world of professional photography. Because of the convenience and advanced technology DSLRs provide to photographers, film SLRs are no match to their digital counterpart.

However, despite the dozens of advantages of DSLR cameras, professional photographers could not ignore the fact that the present technology is in debt to the concept and science behind SLR cameras. Photographers from decades ago were able to get awe-inspiring and award-winning photos by just using their low-tech cameras. Undeniably, old school photographers depended on their artistry, resourcefulness, and expert skills to come up with great photographers – they did not depend on the magic of technology. This is what many new breed photographers fail to realize since they depend too much on the technological advancement of their cameras, lenses, accessories, and software programs.

Investing in a Pro Camera for Your Clothing Brand

In any case that you want your streetwear fashion brand to take it notch higher, investing in a DSLR camera is a must. While you can ask a freelance photographer to take the photos for you, it will cost you money. When you have your own pro-level camera, you can do all the photography yourself. Take your creativity to the next level!

The Brits are big fans of technology, which is why it is not surprising that many are now being inclined to digital photography. If you are serious about taking a profession related to portrait photography, landscape photography, photo journalism, or streetwear photography is a good place to start. The country’s capital is home to different successful photography schools and accomplished photographers. Aspiring photographers in Sydney almost always share the same concern: “should I buy a DSLR camera?” Answering this simple but difficult question requires tackling different subjects and factors. Before finally deciding whether or not to buy a DSLR camera, you should put these factors in perspective:

  1. Your interests – You should evaluate your interests to know what type of photography you should start learning. There are different fields of photography you may choose from, including but not limited to fine art photography, portraiture, landscape photography, commercial photography, events photography, sports photography, wildlife photography, and news photography. Before embarking on a specific field, it is best to try at least three of the mentioned disciplines to gauge your talent and interests.
  2. Purpose in buying DSLR – Are you planning to do photography for a living or just for hobby? If you want to become a professional photographer, investing on DSLR is inevitable. However, if you just it for your hobby, you may start slowly by buying a point-and-shoot camera first and mastering the basics of photography like finding good angles. After which, you can buy an entry level DSLR, which will not cost you too much. With your entry level DSLR, you can master more fundamentals of photography, such as dealing with lights, exposure, and composition. Entry level DSLR cameras will do just fine for hobbyists, but if you are planning to go pro, then you should invest on more professional cameras, lenses, and accessories.
  3. Your budget – Your budget should be taken into consideration. By knowing how you much you are willing to spend on DSLR, you would know what type of camera and brand you should get. If you are not very familiar how each type of DSLR differs from others, asking a pro would be best.

Whether you are planning to venture in news photography, sports photography, portraiture, or street wear photography can provide you the training and exposure you would need. However, before investing on expensive camera and lenses, you would want to consider the factors mentioned.

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