Shapewear for women in the test & comparison


Every woman has major or minor problem areas. They often cause us discomfort because they are visible under tight-fitting clothing or because they are unfavorably emphasized by an item of clothing. However, an unfavorable emphasis on problem areas is by no means a reason to completely give up an item of clothing; the right shapewear often helps to optimally and advantageously shape the body.

Buy shapewear – which one is good & cheap?

For a long time, shapewear was only considered to be best shapewear for women of a certain age, but now the practical and shaping underwear has become a useful fashion aid that can even appear very feminine. Thanks to its tight fit and functional fabric, it makes the wearer look slimmer and is barely visible.

The woman’s curves are optimally accentuated and naturally shaped without any constricting feeling.

Shapewear test, experience, comparison & evaluation

The best shapewear from the different areas: tops, pants & pants (cycling shorts), bodies, dresses, plus size waist trainer briefs, tankini, thong, slip, underskirt, top, undershirt, panty, thong, slip, tights, leggings & jeggings, capri pants, bikini and swimsuit.


Shapewear Body Test. Our 3 TOP recommendations for the best Shapellx shapewear bodies:

Particularly inexpensive shapewear body with leg, strong shaping, extra strong

Shapewear Body by Triumph “Body True Shape” with press stud (black, white, nude)


Shapewear dresses and undergarments test. Our 3 TOP recommendations for the best shapewear dresses:

Inexpensive black or white shapewear dress, strapless

Triumph women’s bodice dress with a low back, beige or black


Cheap shapewear pants and pants test. Our 3 TOP recommendations for the best shapewear pants:

Susa women’s panties in black, nude, white

Sure You Like Bodice pants with tummy way effect and lace

Farmacell Massaging, figure-shaping long shapewear capri pants with push-up


In order for the shapewear to fit perfectly, you should make sure that it is a good fit. In general, figure shapers should never be bought too small, because that only limits your quality of life unnecessarily. With shapewear, too, it is definitely advisable to buy these in the size you are used to. In exceptional cases you can also choose a size smaller, as long as you still have the necessary flexibility and you feel comfortable.

As a rule, figure-shaping underwear is made from a blend of elastane and nylon according to our shapewear test, because the amount of elastane in the fabric is decisive for the compression of the shapewear. Therefore, the laundry is also available in different grades. Smaller proportions of Elathan for a slight slimming effect, higher proportions of elastane for a high shaping effect. So that nothing is imprinted in the end, you should definitely pay attention to high-quality workmanship and the absence of disturbing seams. Otherwise, in the worst case, the desired shaping effect can backfire.

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