Seven Timeless Jewelry Pieces Bangalore Brides Must Possess


Bangalore is a multicultural modern city, inhabited by youths from all over the country. The city has some great jewelry houses who offer breathtaking south Indian ornaments that can tempt anyone from any part of India. Naturally, young would-be brides in the city try to get at least a couple of pieces of these timeless artistic marvels which can make them look like a queen on the videos captured by the candid wedding photographers. Feeling tempted already but don’t know which pieces to choose? Well, we’ll help you in deciding the right pieces which you can treasure though out your life.

Temple jewelry: No conversation on south Indian jewelry can start without temple jewelry. These are unique to this region and characterized by heavy three-dimensional pieces with traditional motifs featuring gods and goddesses, flowers, animals and nature. These are essentially handmade and are carved out of solid gold having an antique finish. Sometimes, they are adorned with precious stones like ruby, diamond, and emerald. Hence, they are quite expensive. Although, all types of jewelry can be made in this style, necklaces, earrings and large Lakshmi / Ganesha pendants are the most popular. If you can afford, go for a necklace & earring set. Otherwise, get yourself a Lakshmi pendant and feel like a goddess.

Manga Malai: This beautiful neck piece has intricate mango-shaped pieces joined together to form the chain. These can be with or without stones and impart a regal look to the wearer. The longer versions come with an elaborate pendant and matching earrings. The shorter and more popular ones are in the form of chokers which are paired with jhumkis.

Kaasula Peru: Kasu malai or the very popular coin necklaces are mainly made of solid gold, sometimes with a few stones attached to it. They are usually accompanied with a matching earring made of coins. Often, the coins have the inscription of goddess Lakshmi. Hence, this jewelry is considered extremely auspicious.

Gutta Pusalu Haram: A favorite with erstwhile Hyderabad Nizams, this clustered pearl necklace evokes elegance and majesty. These necklaces have pearl clusters attached to a gold chain and are often adorned with colored stones. They come with a matching earring and look beautiful along with brightly colored Kanjeevarams.

Vanki: Vanki is the traditional armlet which comes in a variety of size, shapes, and designs. South Indian brides make it a point to wear these on their silk blouses and they look really beautiful.

Waistband: A traditional gold waistband is worn by all Bangalore brides who choose to wear a heavy silk sari since it helps them to keep the pleats and the pallu in place. These are available in various thicknesses. However, a belt-like shape is more popular and functional than the fancier versions.

Jadai Nagam: No list of south jewelry can end without mentioning of this traditional hair accessory. South brides prefer braids over buns and this piece beautifully decorates the same. It is so popular and unique to this region that, it is almost synonymous to south brides and Bharatnatyam. However, if you don’t like such an elaborate jewelry, go for the more simplistic hair pins in the shape of sun and moon and let your candid wedding cinematographer capture you in full glory.

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