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Top Class SEO Technique 2017 for New Student

SEO is one the leading technique for website promotion which people use for website to improve ranking in google and other search engine. Without SEO, you can not get free back links and also no traffic because without traffic, your online business will be zero. First of all, i want to let new SEO student about SEO types. There are two types of SEO, one is oon page, second is off page. for the promotion of website, you have to do comment posting, directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, and use of social media website like, facebook,, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and many more.

Important SEO technique

Above all are imortant SEO technique but blog posting is one of the top point of SEO in 2017 because quality content can get free links on good sites like lifehack,wowyar and other are approval or some areĀ Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites

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