Selection of Spray in Bed Liner Product for Various Applications


Truck bed liner range offers several completely different options. Spray on liners protect many trucks and suggest several advantages. Here are reasons why spray coatings may be the best choice. If you choose a plastic liner, a poor fit may mean a liner that moves around in the bed. That’s bad since it can cause noise for one and maybe even worse. A moving liner creates friction that can actually wear away paint and that’s the perfect set-up for rust and corrosion. There will never be a poor fit problem with a spray on liner. The main applications include truck beds, for boats and trailers, for exterior applications, and also for industrial applications.

Why people prefer Bed liners for trucks?

Spray on liners custom fit any vehicle. Custom fit plastic liners don’t come in models to fit just any truck. Especially older trucks may have few options for a custom liner. But any truck gets a custom liner with a spray liner. The advantages are an unparallel strength, Maximum UV protection, Quality automotive colors, Protects from corrosion; quieter ride, non-slip surface, Specialty enhancers, multitude of applications. Bed liners for trucks keep your truck looking great and protect your bed from damage. If you just haul groceries in your truck, maybe you don’t really need a bed liner. But most hauling you do can cause scratches; dings and dents that make your truck look bad and reduce the value of your truck. Here are your three main choices for pickup truck bed liners.

Spray-On Bed Liner

A spray on liner is the first choice for many truck owners. Why? Great looks are one reason. A professional spray on liner is permanent and gives a truck a finished, custom look. Why you can even choose colors to complement the look of your truck paint. Plus you get a lifetime guarantee and the liner is repairable. Spray on liners are tough too and able to take rough treatment. The downside is cost. The general product they cover Edliner products, Speed linerâ„¢ series, Primers, Pigments, Topcoat series

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