Secret behind Recovery of Photos from Computer


Till date there have been several instances where you have lost many documents from your computer, thereby, leading to unnecessary problems. Even after trying a lot of methods you didn’t know the process of restoring or recovering the files. For instance, you had taken a compromising shot of a politician, which was of high value, but somehow it got deleted. No wonder, such situations are worse and hard to handle. Accidents may happen and for that solutions must be ready at your end.

There is a simple logic behind this, as, usually you have thousands and hundreds of photos stored in one drive, there are possibilities of a few things getting deleted. Even there are situations when accidental formatting gets done. Did you know on top of this, hard drives, mostly HDDs are prone to malfunction? This is because of the moving parts which lead to break down, thereby, making the image files different to view. A similar thing can happen with the digital cameras, USB drives, SD cards and other platforms where you store photos. Now, let us know about the secrets of restoring or recovering lost photos from the hard disk.

Ways to Restore Lost Photos

It has been discovered that those files which get deleted are always not a lost case. However, those who move to the computer repair stores to restore the deleted files often get charged with a heavy amount. If you want to stay out from all these then get the right software to get your problem fixed that too at an inexpensive rate. We would suggest you to get connected to a good company that can provide you with customized software solution services in Kolkata.

We have some quick photo software recovery options for you in order to show you the easy process of recovering the lost photos. Some of them are PhotoRec, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, best data recovery software, etc. Among them, online backup and cloud storage plays the major role. Needless to say, that both these options are a real good way to get back your lost photos.

Here comes the most useful ways to discover the lost data.

Online Backup

Did you know that the best way to restore deleted photos from the computer is the online backup solution? This back up gives users a great way to keep their data safe. This online service saves all your precious documents without getting it deleted. Not only is the data protected from any kind of computer failures also helps in protecting the files from other people.

Online backup helps in taking backup automatically stored in your computer irrespective of where the photos are saved. You can use software named ‘Recover My Files’ to recover the deleted files from your computer. As you click on its icon there will be a wizard screen providing 2 data recovery alternatives – ‘Recover Files’ or ‘Recover a Drive’.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Restoring deleted photos directly from The Cloud is certainly a good method. For this, the Android phone needs a special mention. If you are an Android user, you can easily enjoy this benefit without any second thought. All android phones or tablets can be synced with Google directly, thereby, helping in saving data automatically to your Gmail account.

The users of Android get 15GB free storage space. Those of your pictures which get stored on your phone or tablet are automatically drawn to the Google Photos sections. If anyhow the photos get deleted from your phone or tablet, you can expect to restore them from the Google Photo section. However, if this section isn’t synced with Google then the recovery would be a question.

Hope, the above-mentioned article was quite helpful to you.

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