Sales Acceleration: Expectations vs. Reality


Sales work requires high energy and a positive attitude to get the work done. However, putting so many expectations on the job can be a bit challenging to get it all done. That’s where you should try to stick to real-world moments. Let’s take a look at some of those expectations and what the actual reality is.  


Expectation 1: The CRM system includes everything you need to make a sale.

Reality: The CRM system you own is only good as to how you choose to use it. 

Those who are new to sales or don’t know how the sales department works may interpret that owning the CRM system gets you the work done. But in general, the CRM system is only used to do follow-ups, making notes of each client’s interaction, setting automatic reminders, and the system settings that let you know whether the prospect is engaged with you or not. Whatever software you use, the main work has to be done by you. 

Expectation 2: if you own the best product and tell your prospects about it, then it’s likely to make a sale.

Reality: prospects don’t buy any product just because it’s great

It’s always a burner when you have put so much time and effort only to face failure at the end. But it’s important to understand that people only buy something when they need it or something that solves their problem, for example to increase software sales you need to give a stellar demo to make the prospect better understand about how it can solve their problem. Of course, if something interests them, then they will not back up to buy that product. The thing is to generate enough interest and engage them in your conversations, the client’s decision will be a final one, but you can try to explain your product better. 

Expectation 3: My sixth sense can always tell which client will buy the product and which one will not. 

Reality: guesses don’t always go right. You can easily misjudge a person if you aren’t sure about his decision. 

Sometimes the guess you make about your client can be the wrong one. They might be one of your top-paying clients. You shouldn’t guess anything on your own until the person in front of you says that particular thing. Always leave a line for negotiations in case the prospects want to change their decision. 


Expectation 4: making plans at the last moment.

Reality: sometimes, making plans at the last moment is not a wise thing. 

We know scope change, but not planning out what to do and how to do it may not prove sustainable in the long run. You should be prepared for whatever change lies in front of you. As many times, prospects may change their mind, and you will not know what to do in that particular situation. But by preparing ahead, you can avoid that situation and be successful in the long run. 

Expectation 5: there’s no need to extract and clean up data.

Reality: it’s important to extract and clean the data to gather out important info. 

Many times we don’t understand the scope of cleaning and extracting data. This thing is so underestimated as sales reps think that it’s a time-consuming and tedious task. But to get the necessary info, it’s important to assess and clean data during the planning phase so you never encounter any trouble. 

Expectation 6: doing whatever you like: not assigning any proper duties

Reality: assigning proper duties and doing work accordingly is a key to success

Assigning proper management duties and roles is another factor in achieving success. When people do whatever they like, this creates chaos, and nothing is done on time. That’s where a proper management system plays its role. 

Expectation 7:  making one sale is not the end of the sales process

Reality: in fact, it’s just the start of the journey

You have made your first sale, congrats! But don’t relax. In fact, it’s the start of getting done something big and reaching a big goal that comprises these small, small goals for these, starting your call your sales pitch should be exceptional to grab the attention of the prospect. 


Sales expectations can make or break your sales process. It’s okay to make expectations but don’t just rely on them completely. Instead, make data-driven decisions and well-planned goals. With proper planning, well-maintained CRM, and sustained marketing efforts, It’s Something big done, you would be able to reach your goal in no time.

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