Safe, Protective, Realistic Self Defense Training in Guidance of Highly Experienced Instructors


The proof is always required for Dc of the training by MPD concealed carry instructor of two hours training range and 16 hours classroom attendance. The two hours of range training includes 50 round qualifications with a minimum score of 70% from a maximum distance of 15 yards. The age requirement of this is 21 yrs. The trainers are certified to provide the training under the District law to applicants for the need for a concealed carry license. The course description of Dc Concealed Carry training classes is conducted for United States citizens, whether residents or non-residents whose desire is to carry a handgun. The bearer of D.C.  CCW must have permission of carrying a handgun to protect them.

Eligibility Requirements of Obtaining Concealed Carry Permit in Dc

  • The applicants must have an age above 21 yrs.
  • Applicants must not have suffered from any mental illness or the condition which makes him or her in danger to others or to themselves in the previous five yrs.
  • The applicants must reside in the District or may have a business in the district.
  • Applicants must complete firearms training courses certified by the Chief of Metropolitan Police Department.
  • The applicants must meet all the requirements for the registration of a firearm in the District.
  • Firearms training course must include training of 16 hours and must also include the topics mentioned in the regulations.
  • Applicants must not be an addict or alcoholic or user of drugs in a habitual manner.

Safe Self Defense Training Highlights

Safe Self Defense Training Highlights

The Dc Concealed Carry Self Defense Training includes full-force self-defense training for children, teens, and adults in a supportive, safe, and appropriate age environment. In this course effective and simple physical, verbal, and psychological strategies through drills, individual and partner practices, scenarios with the male instructors in the padded gear. The class size is small, so that all the students may receive individual attention. The best part of this training is that the best practical courses are provided to the students with the perfect learning of effective self-defense training courses. All these skills are also applicable to real life and it is streamlined. The instructors are highly talented, knowledgeable, and highly experienced as well as good in offering useful and practical real-life techniques. Different types of martial arts and self-defense training is unique and amazing and makes the trainers highly talented, smart, brave, and bold to face tough situations and can protect themselves extremely well. The knowledgeable and fantastic are highly motivating; as a result, trainers love and enjoy training courses. Different sessions of training are conducted in the best professional manner by the expert instructors. The value of respect, leadership, and responsibility are very well taught by the instructors. Instructors make their conscious efforts to train their students where different types of training sessions are provided about all kinds of scenarios, how to be confident enough to make the noise, how to stay calm or how to dissuade the attackers just to get away.

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