Running Your eCommerce Operation More Efficiently


Online shopping has been a great help for many in the past year, and while many shops are now reopening, there’s no denying that it has changed shopping habits forever. That is why it’s so important for businesses to have an efficient ecommerce operation, and why you need to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for ways to improve efficiency, you simply need to make a few changes.

Logistics can often be improved

No matter how good your logistics are, they can often be improved, which saves you a lot of money and can also help you deliver a better service to customers. Using a specialist such as last mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech means each part of the logistics and delivery process can be examined to see where improvements can be made, and a few simple changes could save you a lot of money.

Work on your website

Websites need to be efficient and easy to use, otherwise people simply aren’t going to want to hand over their money. You should make sure your website is:

  • Professional – if a website looks cheap or amateur, people may assume your website isn’t legit
  • Fast – nobody wants to spend ages waiting for a page to load, or spending hours navigating just to buy something. Keep things fast and minimalistic to improve load times and functioning
  • Easy to use – if you can’t work a website out, what do you do? Most people will simply give up and go to a competitor’s site, so make sure that’s not you

Working on your website can potentially bring you much more income and better reviews. If you are looking to improve with your website, it’s worth looking for a professional to redesign it. While this can be a big investment, in the long-term, it can really be worth it.

Staff productivity is important too

No matter how well-planned your organisation and logistics, if staff aren’t productive, then you may find things don’t run as smoothly as you need them too. It’s worth looking for productivity tools for your business, so people can work better together and as individuals. If you have staff working remotely, then you should also ensure they have the right equipment when offsite so they can do their jobs properly.

Speed up dispatch

Even if you can’t always deliver next day, it’s a good idea to dispatch as quickly as you can, as customers get annoyed if you sit with an order for too long.

Dispatch speeds often depend on your warehouse staff and how quickly they can get items picked. It’s worth examining whether you have enough staff on hand to get through orders, especially if customers are complaining that it’s taking a few days for processing. Also, make sure your workplace is clean and easy to work in, so people can pick faster and without anything getting in the way.

Look at your overseas operation

Since Brexit, a lot of businesses have had to look at whether they need to change their international shipping options. If your overseas customers aren’t getting the best delivery times or service, then you may need to look into ecommerce guidelines for selling overseas. There can be delays at customs, and additional charges and fees, so this needs to be taken into account when you’re working at improving your business.

Stick to a smaller offering

A smaller offering of products doesn’t necessarily mean fewer customers. In fact, specialising in niche products can help you create a faster, more efficient service, and can be good for your branding. This means you can create more focused adverts too and bring in a new customer base, and it makes it easier for customers to find things.

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store with an online presence, or a purely ecommerce store, you should consider ways to make your business more efficient. Efficiency is about two main things; offering a better level of service, which can build your reputation and open you up to new customers and saving money. Many businesses run on tight profit margins, so whatever you can do to increase efficiency is likely to help you out in the long run, as no business likes to waste their hard-earned cash.

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