Running a Retail Business? General Tips for Maintaining Remote Chillers


The remote chillers are the chillers which have their compressors, fans and other noisy parts located away from the storage cabinets. These chillers are more complicated to install but they are a good choice when it comes to commercial use. There is no noise issue with the remote chillers as all of the noisy parts are placed outside the shopping area. There is no heat emission in the shopping area as well which helps in keeping a good interior temperature.

It is very important to maintain the remote chiller properly if you want it to function efficiently. As the fan and the compressor is placed outside so it is very important to clean them regularly so that they continue to function properly and efficiently. If regular maintenance is not done then it will result in bad performance and high energy consumption.

Tips for maintaining the remote chiller:

Keeping a Daily Log:

Keeping a daily log can be very helpful in keeping up with the maintenance of the remote chiller. The log will help you in keeping a record of the operating history of the appliance. The operating history consists of pressure, fluid levels, temperatures and the flow rates. There are remote monitoring technologies which allow you to keep an eye on the performance of the appliance on monthly basis. It will also allow you to identify the maintenance needs of the system before they become a big problem for you. This will help you in saving a lot of money.

Keeping the Tubes Clean:

The efficiency of the chiller depends a lot on the efficiency of the heat transfer. The thermal resistance is increased because of minerals, mud, algae and other impurities. The heat transfer efficiency can be indicated with the help of higher approach temperatures. They are the major indicator of decrease in the efficiency of the chiller. It is important to keep the condenser tubes clean and free of any contamination.

Condenser Water:

The condenser water always requires some sort of treatment in order to free it from scale, biological growth and corrosion. If the water is not treated then these impurities can affect the condensers and become a hindrance in the heat transfer.

Maintaining an Adequate Refrigerant Charge:

The level of cooling depends on the quantity of refrigerant which moves through the compressor. Maintaining proper level of refrigerant is very important. Always look out for any leakage of the refrigerant because it can decrease the efficiency of the chiller.

Checking the Operation of Starters and The Motors:

The safety and the sensor calibrations of the chiller should be checked to make sure that the starters and motors are functioning efficiently. The electrical connections should be checked regularly as well. You need to check the insulation and you can do that by checking the electrical motor winding.

Prevention of Inefficiency Because of Non-Condensable:

The non-condensable are air and the moisture which can leak in to the low-pressure chillers because the evaporators of the Arneg remote multideck chillers operate in a vacuum. The efficiency of the chillers can be reduced significantly because of the non-condensable.

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