Remedies for treating dry skin in the winter


Winters seem like a magical time after the sweltering heat of summers. Except for the dry skin patches that take fun out of the weather. The cracked skin is not only is itchy but,it’s not aesthetically please as well.

Dry and cracking skin is more prone to damage as well, as the lack of moisture weakens the skin. Many people suffering from skin conditions like eczema also have a very hard time in winters; the dryness can aggravate the condition, leading to perpetual itching and pain.

Patients with such skin conditions should ideally seek help from the top dermatologist in Karachi, as they might need hypoallergenic lotions and clothing, and other special care guidelines as well.

But why do we get dry skin in winters?

As humidity is less during the winters, moisture is able to evaporate from the skin quicker, leaving you with dull and dehydrated skin.

However, not just the weather, but the heaters to combat the chill also lead to leeching of the moisture from the skin. Similarly, while the hot showers may feel so good, they also lead to chapped and extremely dry skin as well.

Another reason for dehydrated skin, is well, dehydration. The hot sun in the summers parches one out, and thus presents as a frequent reminder of hydrating well. In winters on the other hand, so many of us simply forget drink enough water.

Moreover, caffeinated beverages like coffee and hot tea also lead to greater water loss from the body. And thus, enter dry skin.

How to combat this?

We cannot control weather, but we can control skin care. Following strategies are great way to have plump and glowing skin, even in winters!


It may seem like a no brainer, yet many people often forget to use a good moisturizer, on not just the face, but the entire body as well.

It is important to use a good moisturize immediately after shower on a slightly damp skin, as it will lock the water right into the skin. Also, using moisturizer after hot shower is also important as the skin already has been stripped off of its oils and water, and immediate replenishment should be done to undo the damage from the steamy bath.

Choose the correct moisturizer though!

The choice of moisturizer is also very significant. The key ingredient that you should be on the lookout for is Lactic Acid. It helps to keep the moisture locked into the skin, ensuring a smooth and well hydrated skin.

Some lotions also contain derivatives of lactic acid like ammonium lactate. These lotions also are thus packed with the compounds for a well hydrated skin. Some experts also suggest using lotions containing glycerin, as it too helps to seal in the moisture in the skin.

Similarly, rule of thumb is that thick creams are better than the runny lotions.  Moreover, opt for the oil-based moisturizers as the oils help to build a barrier against the water loss from the skin. Also, try moisturizing several times a day for better reward!

Change your skin routine

Since dry and chapped skin is more vulnerable, it cannot take the harsh exfoliating or scrubbing for that matter. Hence, changing your skin care and cleansing routine is also very important.

Rather than more rigorous course of action, go instead for milder cleansers and exfoliators. Use gentle wash cloth to clean and do not rub the cloth on the skin; dry skin is already susceptible to breakage and your rough washing will just exacerbate the situation.

Moreover, scented products should be avoided. They cause greater irritation to the dry, ergo fragile, skin. Most of the toners are made from alcohol to promote the oil and serum absorption. However, alcohol is a big no-no in winters as it too leads to dryness. Hence, perhaps either forgo the toner, or use hydrating toners instead.

No more long showers

Yes, the hot water feels oh so good during the winters. And no, it is not conducive for a healthy skin.

Hot steamy showers promote water loss from the skin, leading to dehydration. Instead, have just slightly hot water, with shower time of no more than 5-10 minutes.

Investing in humidifier

Humidifiers work well when the air is around you is extremely arid, as is the case in winters especially when heaters etc. are being used. They introduce moisture in the air, thereby decreasing the rate water loss from the skin.

Drink up!

Hydration is very important part of healthy living, and healthy skin. Therefore, take active steps to ensure that you get enough water in winters.

Seeking an expert

Skin care products are hard to choose. If you are having hard time deciding which product to buy, or cannot win the battle against dryness, you should visit the best dermatologist in Lahore instead of suffering in vain.

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