Reasons why you should visit Indonesia at least once in your lifetime


Indonesia is a top tourist destination in both Asia and the world. According to world tourism rankings, Indonesia is ranked as the 20th most desirable destination, and it is also the ninth-fastest growing tourist industry.

If you have never thought of visiting the country, then below is a list of the most salient reasons why you should visit the country at least once.

1. Snorkeling and scuba diving

Indonesia boasts of twenty percent of the world’s coral reefs not to mention some of the world’s best diving and snorkeling sites. Irrespective of whether you are an inexperienced diver or an experienced one, you are bound to find a dive site that will meet your level of experience.

Moreover, Indonesian shores have a lot of shipwrecks that can be fun to explore.

2. Komodo dragons

Game of Thrones is not the only place where you can marvel at the sight of dragons—Indonesia as well. While Komodo dragons are not as big as those on screen, they are still pretty impressive.

They weigh approximately a hundred and fifty pounds, they have a toxic bite, and they hunt animals that are way bigger than them and in some instances, even humans. Note that Indonesia is the only place on earth where these Komodo dragons exist.

3. Beaches, beaches, and more beaches

Indonesia is home to uncountable beaches. That is largely because Indonesia has over 17,000 islands. Consequently, everywhere you go, you are bound to meet a beach.

You can enjoy the beautiful views, enjoy water sports such as sailing, surfing, riding a banana boat or simply relaxing at the beach. Moreover, you can experience unique beaches such as the famous pink beach.

4. Wildlife

High levels of endemicity and biodiversity characterize Indonesia. Some of the unique animals found in Indonesia include the Sumatran Tiger which is critically endangered with only 441 such tigers left in the wild, the Anoa Buffalo, the Javan Rhinoceros, and Sumatran Orangutan.

Moreover, Indonesia has over a thousand bird species. In particular, according to Datazone, there are 1,711 bird species in the country. For bird watchers and bird lovers, it does not get better than this.

5. Exquisite hotels

Because the country is a popular tourist destination, both the government and private entities have invested in high-end hotels. The country boasts of some of the best Ayana 5 star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia, Bali, and all the other cities and islands.

Aside from the five-star nature of these hotels complete with five-star amenities, the hotels also offer top of the line cuisine. Note that it is not just Indonesian cuisine but also cuisine from all over the world prepared by incredibly talented chefs.

6. The Java mountains and the numerous temples

One of the foremost reason that people visit Indonesia is the chance to visit the numerous temples and get in touch with their spiritual side. Indonesia has over 20, 000 temples spread out across the whole country.

Of these 20,000, the most popular include Borobudur Temple, Candi Ratu Boko Temple, and Prambanan Temple.

On the other hand, visiting Java island—one of the most populous islands with over 140 million people—will give the chance to hike up volcanoes such as Merapi and Bromo, not to mention visiting the highly-rated national parks such as Ujung Kulon.

7. The culture and the people

Indonesia has an incredibly deep culture characterized by unique dances, songs, dressing styles, language, and specific customs and celebrations. The people of Indonesia revel in their culture, and they enjoy sharing it with other people.

Everywhere you go, chances are high you will encounter an ongoing celebration deeply rooted in the Indonesian culture. If you are interested, those celebrating will even allow you to participate.

Last word

From the above, it is clear that Indonesia has everything. Essentially, it does not matter what your preference is in terms of what you look for in a travel destination because Indonesia has it all and all you need to do is pick the island or city that best aligns with your requirements.

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