Rachael Durie Latest Face Photo


Rachael Durie Latest Face Photo

Rachael Durie is set to launch a clothing collection with Proenza Schouler on September 8th, to coincide with their New York Fashion Week show, and she is documenting the process with a photo series on her Instagram. The photographer has been documenting the project over the last few months on Instagram, documenting her morning routine and the process of the new collection’s creation.

For a shoot on August 15th, Durie and Picon traveled from New York City to the countryside of New Jersey for a shoot. The two started with a “heavy fog” as an idea, and then got to work working with models to create a feeling of “birch trees in white.” Schroeder shot, and Durie captured behind the scenes and on location.

What is the Story Behind the New Clothes?

Her quick fashion skillz have garnered her a highly selective client list and include model Suki Waterhouse and musician Nick Grimshaw. Despite being by no means a newcomer to the art of styling and styling, Durie is adamant about never having a stylist or styling her own hair or makeup ever again. “You will never see a big black dress again,” she said, sticking her tongue out. “That’s it.”

What do you know about the black dress?

That’s the dress I just created for the photo shoot with Nick Grimshaw. It is going to be, like, in this Wednesday issue of the British Journal of Photography. It’s going to be printed all over the UK, and then it’s going to be printed in the Netherlands and Germany and Switzerland. Then it’s going to be printed in Paris. It’s going to be like a national print.

What’s the story behind her new clothes?

“My all-time favorite shirt is from Balenciaga’s one-off collection they did in the Spring of 2016,” said Durie, who will be in town for art receptions tonight at The Delta Space in Northwest Portland and at Offsite Pacific Arts Complex on Friday. The one-off collection, called the Balenciaga Transformer, was designed by Demna Gvasalia and had tons of phrases and quotes on the front of the shirt. “What I love about it is that it is a shirt that I could be wearing in my studio and every day of my life.”

“It just looks so elegant and it’s a good piece to have. It makes you feel confident.”

All the pieces are some of Durie’s favorite pieces she’s ever had. “It just looks so elegant and it’s a good piece to have. It makes you feel confident,” said Durie.

Her Latest Nike Collaboration

Rachael Durie has found herself at the center of Portland fashion, beauty and art scenes for several years, building a large audience for herself. She’s known for conceptual, character driven photography, shooting at the Portland Airport in her blue Ford Excursion for her “Ideal Days” series, which featured giant cut-outs of Kim Kardashian, a rendering of Rihanna, and a “Back to the Future” homage.

Durie also shot several runway shows at New Grier Studios. These included Lizzie Fortunato’s “Acolytes,” a 2015 collaboration between New Grier and Slow Club, and the Fall/Winter 2015 show for Nike SB and Spacey Rae. She’s even shot the stories behind labels like Nike and Lion Babe for The Oregonian.

Her Latest Projects and Future Plans

After putting her makeup on, Durie got to work, shooting photos of a female friend in a black sequined dress for her own blog, Paper Girl. This piece was inspired by, you guessed it, the season. The photographer has been slowly creating a series of “no-makeup” photos, documenting her face without any makeup on. As Durie explains it, “I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time. It’s about just putting down a visual representation of what I want to portray. That I don’t care about my face. I’m just going to let it be.”

All the clothes, especially the shoes, were the by-product of her shoot. While the wardrobe was not completely free of makeup, it was minimal and complementary to the idea of portraying a “freer, more liberating idea of what you’re worth,” as Durie puts it.


Caught in the moment, Durie, a svelte dancer, was wearing a dress that fit her like a glove, made of a sheer pink tank top fabric with a black mesh skirt. She said that the outfit was inspired by a shirt that she wore at a black tie event, where she danced onstage to a blaring mix of punk rock music and classic disco.

She was done with the shoot a little before 10 o’clock, and now stood outside in front of the trailer, her hair up in a loose bun with a single black barrette.

She explained that she had met Schroeder, her hair stylist, two years ago through her boyfriend, who is also a photographer.



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