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Quirky Office Spaces That Will Inspire You

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What do you imagine when you think of an office space? Is it dull and stuffy? Perhaps you’re imagining rows upon rows computers, uninspiring neutral walls, and fed-up office worker packed in like sardines. The stereotypical office is bleak and functional — a place where you get your nine to five done and look forward to escaping at the end of the working day.

This has been reality for many office workers, trudging through the working week from Monday to Friday. Some companies however, are starting to break the mould. Around the world, innovative spaces are popping up. These spaces look at office life from a new perspective, whether driven by employee satisfaction, practicalities, artistic license, or environmental concern. According to a report from Fellowes, the office environment has an overwhelming effect on employees’ wellbeing. 87% of respondents to their research said that they would like their current workplace to offer healthier office benefits, and younger companies are more likely to meet these requests. What’s more, an infographic from Serraview, indicated that 69% of businesses found increased employee satisfaction after they’d made positive and healthy improvements to their building features.

With this in mind, it’s goodbye stuffy cubicles and hello personalised wallpaper and office dogs. Some offices have taken it even further, and a friendly competition seems to have developed: which companies have the most wacky and wonderful workspaces of 2019?

Inventionland Design Factory

Inventionland offices look like you’ve walked straight into a child’s imagination – it’s hard to believe that they really exist! The company describes itself as an “immersive work environment, idea incubator, and tourist destination where creativity and imagination are the number one currency!” So, their office space really has to live up to the hype! Luckily, it does just that.

These offices include life-size treehouses to desks in pirate ships, and castles, these offices are a creative’s dream. Moreover, the employees are encouraged to wear lab coats and a referred to as “Creationeers”. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as office spaces go, it’s certainly a quirky one.

Google Zurich

We can always count on Google to go above and beyond when it comes to creative office spaces. One of the fastest growing, most well-known companies in the world, Google, is famed for its funky, modern spaces, unreasonably quirky chairs, and laid-back environment. Google Zurich is no different, and it has been a standout office this year.

So what makes the Zurich office so special? Well, where else can you find a place where meetings take place in the basket of a hot air balloon, or catch up on your emails in a ‘jungle lounge’ surrounded by greenery? Each room in the complex is dedicated to a different theme, and whether you’d prefer to frequent the ‘western lounge’, the ‘James Bond lounge’, or the ‘water lounge’, there is certainly something for everyone!

Desk Lodge Bristol

This office space in the UK is bright and vibrant, injecting a bit of fun into the daily life of co-workers. Tom Ball, Desk Lodge’s founder described some of the thoughts behind the office: “Our amazing team is like no other – creating and supporting this unique magical workspace and a culture that attracts and nurtures the most creative minds”. Ball’s vision is reflected in the fun office space —the walls are embellished with bright murals, each room has its own quirky theme, and there are plenty of pop culture references dotted around including the iconic phone box from Doctor Who.


Bumble Headquarters, located in Austin Texas, are bright, bold, and perfectly suited to a brand that champions empowerment. The exterior of the eye-catching building is bright yellow, and beehive motifs cover the rooms inside. The contrasting furniture and the contemporary design makes Bumble HQ look like a very appealing place to work.

Theses stand-out elements of Bumble’s interior design are the very on-brand motivational quotes everywhere you look. Luminous slogans such as “Bee Kind” and “Make the First Move” are arranged on the walls, and light switches remind staff members to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”. Bold graphics, litho printing, and photography, have all been utilised to create a modern, creative environment. Bumble HQ is an office space focussed on its employees’ happiness and wellbeing at work.

The Bark Office

If having an office dog is number one on your ‘dream office bucket list’ then we have found the perfect workplace for you. Bark, a dog product subscription service originally based in New York, has an Ohio office with not one, but hundreds of office dogs! The company offers workspaces with built in areas for dogs as well as activities such as doggy yoga. With each of its 200 employees being encouraged to bring their fury friends to work, they make sure to go out of their way to make the many dogs feel at home.


These companies and many more prioritise their employees’ wellbeing and want to express this through their bespoke office spaces. Whether your main concern is the modern design, imaginative spaces, or having a few puppies running about, your dream work environment is out there waiting for you!










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