Quiet Down, There’s A Reason Amber Heard Hasn’t Donated Her Divorce Money Yet


Golden Heard and Johnny Depp’s separation settlement adventure is endless.

The combine’s separation was drudged up once more on Monday after a TMZ article addressed why the on-screen character’s settled upon gift to a youngsters’ doctor’s facility was all the while missing.

Luckily, there’s a consistent clarification in the matter of why the cash still isn’t there. It has nothing to do with Heard withholding the cash or standing in opposition to local mishandle in a PSA; Depp basically hasn’t given Heard the cash.

“The settlement reports are being concluded and will be marked for this present week,” the performing artist’s attorney told TMZ in an announcement. “Johnny is committed by the settlement to pay Amber, and she thus will respect her vows to Children’s Hospital and the ACLU.”

In August, the performing artist declared in an announcement that she would give the aggregate of her $7 million separation settlement cash from Depp to philanthropy. The two philanthropies she picked were the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

A couple days after the performing artist’s declaration, the two gatherings started battling about the treatment of the settlement cash.

Depp needed to give the cash straightforwardly to the philanthropies (which TMZ reports that he accomplished for the principal portion, paying $100,000 to every philanthropy) while Heard needed the cash sent to her, which she would then give. As reps for the performer clarified in August, if Depp sent the cash straightforwardly to the philanthropies, the gifts would offer him a gigantic expense reprieve.

“In the event that Johnny wishes to change the settlement assention, we should demand that he respect everything by giving $14M to philanthropy, which in the wake of representing his expense finding, is equivalent to his $7M installment commitment to Amber,” her reps said in an announcement to TMZ at the time. “We would likewise demand that everything be paid quickly and not drawn out over numerous years.”

Preceding the settlement differences, Heard had paid $350,000 to the ACLU, a rep affirmed to People.

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