Promoting Safety in the Workplace: What to Implement


Find freedom of speech and movement within a safe workplace. Many workplaces are either physically or emotionally unsafe for workers. Some work environments involve harsh situations that require protective clothing, such as fire-resistant gear. Other work environments need emotional resilience to survive a demanding work culture. Either way, workers should prioritize their health and wellness when choosing a job based on its work arrangement.

The world is still facing a global pandemic as workers continue to do their tasks from home. Some offices, however, have already adopted a hybrid work arrangement wherein some employees report to the office while others remain at home. Workplace safety amid the COVID-19 crisis should always be the top priority.

Another concern when it comes to workplace safety is gender-based harassment. There should be zero tolerance for any type of harassment in the work setting. Workers should be encouraged to report incidents to allow superiors to address such concerns.

Workplace Safety Protocols Against COVID-19

Amid the pandemic, the world is still deemed unsafe for many activities. While some places have been easing their pandemic restrictions, there are still many COVID-19 cases around the world. People should be wary of their actions and daily habits because their carelessness might harm their well-being and that of others. Communities should continue to promote the observation of safety protocols and COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that people remain safe and healthy during this difficult time.

While many offices have shifted to a remote work setup since the pandemic began last year, companies today have gone back to the office. Some companies have started adopting a hybrid work setup wherein some employees report to the physical office a few times a week. With this setup, there is a great need to protect workers from the risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus. Going to the office is a high-risk activity that employers should reconsider when structuring their plans for their companies.

Companies that have no choice but to report to the office or onsite should have a strict implementation of safety protocols. Health guidelines should be in place at all times to minimize the risk of having sick employees. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their workers while reporting to the office or onsite.

Gender-based Violence at Work

Violence is still prevalent in many communities. Some areas have moved on to verbal harassment, while others remain as perpetrators of physical assault. In any case, violence in whatever form should never be tolerated. People should be aware of the consequences of different types of violence.

Verbal harassment, for example, may seem harmless because of the lack of physical contact, but it can have a lasting impact on a person’s psychological well-being. Community leaders should work towards educating the public about the different types of violence and how to prevent them from prevailing within communities.

Even in the workplace, violence and harassment can be observed in some contexts. Many people have experienced being subjected to gender-based violence at the office. Despite this situation, many of these people also do not report their experiences to their superiors or the office administration.

Many safety and health issues in the workplace can be avoided if there are protocols and guidelines. Employees should be educated about these guidelines upon hiring so that they are well aware of what power they hold against potential abusers.

Employees must take the necessary steps to avoid and reject workplace harassment. Workers have the power to report any misconduct at the office, so they should not be afraid to come forward if the need arises. When faced with the worst-case scenario, employees may report to local officials regarding their workplace experience to help guide them towards the proper legal procedures.

Avoiding Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination is an offensive act in any situation. In the work setting, company management should work towards avoiding any cases of discrimination within the organization. From the hiring process to the implementation of office policies, every employee should have equal rights within the company. A company’s management should work towards creating policies that are inclusive of everyone in the organization.

There should also be a concrete and simple complaint protocol for employees who have experienced discriminatory acts in the workplace. The policies should work for the benefit of the complainant. In line with this, the company management should be consistent with their course of action in case the need arises.

Workplace safety is an all-around concern. From physical health to mental well-being, companies should be concerned about their employees’ wellness. These companies should work towards creating policies that will help their workers feel safe and healthy within the work environment.

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