Prom Dress – The Choice of Color to Wear for A 2019 Wedding!


Unlike wedding dress, an elegant prom dress varies from colors to style! The thing you should consider while buying your prom dress is choosing a color that best suits you. Choosing a right prom dress color matching your skin tone can help you to stand out at the party.

Have any person important in your life figured out which color suits you the best! Dressing out well means the color looks best on you. So if you want the color of your prom dress is appropriate, you can check with your skin tone. Here you can find which color looks good on you and which will not.

  1. Darker Skin Tone

Darker skin tones have more options than others. But when it is about prom dresses, purple, violet or lavender looks more beautiful on darker skin tones. You can create a contrast of white or yellow shade will not be impossible. From a soft tone to bright and rich, deep tone or warm color is the best choice.

  1. Light skin tone

Skin color is the main factor that affects the color choices of elegant and beautiful prom dresses. For those girls with lighter skin tone, black is the right choice for a prom dress. Black and white are considered the extreme colors of all so if you combine them; the contrast is always gorgeous and eye-catchy. A navy or grapevine prom dress can also do some great magic on light skin tone.

  1. Olive skin tone

Girls those who have an olive skin tone are called lucky girls. The reason is they can great in every color they wear on. The best color matches an olive skin tone is said to be pink. Even you can go for red cherries or rose or burgundy too; they can make you look better than ever.

  1. Medium Skin Tone

For a medium complexion or skin tone, mostly bold and primary colors work the best. You can choose the color of your prom dress that can make you look warm. A color from the blue families like sky blue or royal blue or grape, they make your look flattered. You can choose a colorby your hair color also depending on the wedding atmosphere. Women who have medium skin tone avoid beige, brown, orange, caramel or pink shades.

Not only the skin tone, can sometimes location too set a mood for your color palette. A wedding is happening on a beachside means there will be some color scheme like an undersea theme. A garden venue is best for romantic colors like lavender, rosy pink, earthy green, twilight blue or sunset orange.

Sometimes it is worth to consider the location for choosing your long prom dresses color. Choose a color that can fit easily into the mood of wedding and venue you are going. You can also coordinate your prom dress color with your partner dress. These tips may be enough for you to pick the perfect color for your next wedding prom dress.

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