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Prank Your Friends

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I still remember when I did my first prank call on a friend. And my stomach was like hurting so much that was rolling on the floor laughing. And since that day I have never stopped doing a prank call on different people. Be it my friends, family or even my girlfriend.

It is like a drug to me. There are so many ways to do a prank call. And believe me I have tried the all. They have worked like a charm for me. Some of the prank calls were free and others were paid.

Here in this article I will tell you about the best of the prank calls that I have ever had. You can also follow these so that you can also perform the best prank calls and get entertained.

You may use any of the methods, there are websites and android apps as well, you can use anything. But it should be a surprise factor for your friends. If you tell any one that you are going to prank them then there is no use of that prank because they are already aware of the prank.

Prank Call 1

It was a sunny day on sunday. Everything was normal and easy going in the lazy afternoon. Suddenly an idea struck my mind of a great prank call. I immediately got up and used my mischievous mind and did a prank on my sister. Using one of the best prank calling app I called my sister in and changed the background sounds of a police station and cops shouting. And in a stern voice i said, “Jimmy is in jail, as he as committed a crime by slapping a cop without any reason.” The moment my sister herd this she got so frightened. She immediately ran to my mom who immediately started packing things to visit police station. And they were about to leave for police station and suddenly I jumped in front of them yelling “You have been pranked….!!!!”.

And seeing me in fron first they cried then they started chasing me to beat me up for the prank that I did on both of them.

Best Prank Call Ideas

  1. Call: Anybody
    When they answer act like they called you.
  2. Call: Pizza Hut
    Ask for the phone number to Domino’s. If they give it to you, call them and ask them for Pizza Hut’s number.
  3. Call: Petsmart
    Convince them that your fish has drowned.
  4. Call Someone Random : Say you are president calling.
  5. Ask Why Did you Hang Up on me :

    This is the best, start crying to give it effect :’)M+142

    When some one prank call you try to be hook up with themM+39

    My friend and I did this to a restaurant and the guy who answered took seven minutes to tell me that I was beautiful and wasn’t worth the guy who “hung up on me”. It was so cute and then he said that I sound beautiful and to call back with anymore problems of mine. That made our day.M+12

    This is a great thing to say to prank people with

  6. Claim You are a survey Guy and ask Funny Questions:

    Okay, that should be good, I’d really like to try that. Like ask things such as this:
    “What color is your refrigerator? ”
    “Is your room colorful with many ponies and unicorns? ”
    And the best, “Will you marry me? ” Then, hang up.M+245

    I am definitely going to try this. The reactions I’m going to get are going to be hilarious! I think I’ll make a game out of it and see how many random questions I can ask before they hang up.M+56

    I did this on omegle. I tried 2 variations for my school newspaper. I asked the what there name is A. Trey B. Lucile or C. Fred and when they usually said none I hung up. I also delved quite deeply into the worst things people have read on the internet.M+35

    I called and was like hello do you like oranges do you like peaches and do you like big idiots like yourself? and then I said thes is my survey thank you for taking it, lol

  7. Where Do babies come from.

    Hilarious! The best one I’ve ever heard in my life.M+44

    ! I got my friend, Lily with this and she was like “WHAT?! YOU’RE SO GROSS, BRIGETTE! ” Hilarious! Definitely doing that one again!M+34

    I always use this one. It is so hilarious!M+20

    I said “help, I need to know where babies come from before my honey moon”. They said, sorry, ask your wife, don’t call me.

  8. There is guy called Rylan Clark who also performed a prank. You also can do the same thing. He performed a prank on
    Sainsbury’s shoppers and it turned out to be a shocker at the end.

Conclusion : Prank Your Friends

In order to do a great prank nothing much is required. All you need to do is to be fully confident and energetic. There are so many ways that you can actually perform a great prank. All you need to do is to take the technology way and I know you can do wonders in doing the same. If you want any further help with the prank calls you can visit this page of prank calls.

Here you will find many top ways to use different websites and applications that you can use to prank your friends and you will be amazed how well they work for you and you will have the best time in your life.

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