Pleasure Cars: 4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting One


For most of us, the first car we buy is a car that we (plan to) use every day. As a primary car, the vehicle needs to be cheap to operate and reliable enough to eat up the miles. There are other things to consider when buying a car for its functionality too.

Getting a second car, however, is mostly something that you do for pleasure. You want a car that is nice to drive, exciting to use, looks good and can be used occasionally to go on the odd twisty road or long road trip. Before you get your first pleasure car, here are the four things you need to know.

Cheaper to Insure

Even when you buy a car for pleasure, you still need to insure it. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend as much on insurance since there are pleasure car insurance policies now being offered by top insurance companies.

Pleasure car insurance has a lower mileage limit, but the coverage will still protect you against all financial risks. You just don’t have to spend as much to get your second car insured. On top of that, there are deals and discounts to benefit from too.

Passion Is Key

As mentioned earlier, a pleasure car should be exciting, even when used to go to the shops or when you occasionally take it to work. Some cars have passion and excitement flowing out of them. Alfa Romeo is a good example of a car brand with a lot of passion.

You can check out new Alfa Romeo models like the Giulia or the Stevio. They are affordable, easy to run, and maintain, but still very exciting to drive. Picking up a new Alfa Romeo from a dealership is an experience; living with the car is even better.

The Honeymoon Period

Another thing you want to do after buying a pleasure car is make the most out of the honeymoon period. This is a tip to keep in mind when your pleasure car is a classic rather than a new one like the aforementioned Alfa Romeo since you will eventually have to deal with its quirks and problems.

The honeymoon period is a term used by car enthusiasts to describe the time between you picking up the pleasure car and it breaking down for the first time. Don’t worry, because you can still have a lot of fun with the pleasure car.

Make It a Project

The way to have fun with older, more antique pleasure cars is by turning them into a project. You will find countless things to work on, from the body of the car to its engine and interior. You can either go down the restoration route or choose to customize the car completely.

Either way, you will have a lot of fun with your pleasure car. If you want to drive more and enjoy exciting road trips, stick with new cars that have a lot of exciting features. If you love tinkering with cars, classics are your best bet.

Now that you have these four things in mind, buying your first pleasure car should be an easier decision to make. You know exactly what to expect from the experience and how to make the most of it.

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