Pililokal Merchants that Carry Interesting Filipino Products in its Artisan Marketplace


Pililokal Merchants that Carry Interesting Filipino Products in its Artisan Marketplace | After reading dozens of merchant evaluations, you will find that just a small number of Filipino merchants deliver the quality of products that they promise.

However, with so many sellers on these many marketplaces, the key difficulty is typically how to distinguish the good from the bad. What distinguishes a good trader from a bad one.

Filipino Craftsmen’s Authenticity

Every day, we see new inventive products enter the market, and hundreds of thousands of artisan merchants enter the market to display their uniqueness to the people, thanks to the rise of the Ecommerce business.

However, like with most online retailers, one concern inevitably arises: product quality. When it comes to internet buying, our experiences are frequently perplexing, with the goods failing to match the image displayed on the site.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 Most Interesting Pililokal Merchants:

Manang PH

Nothing compares to Manang PH’s placemats when it comes to great quality, whether it’s the Dark blue nito circular, natural woven napkin ring, or the 2 tier solihiya rattan planter.

No one does it better than Manang PH; consumers adore the texture and feel of the product, as well as the overall structure, and when it comes to supplying high-quality placemats, you can count on nothing but the best.

Project Tea 28

For your quarantine, this vendor can provide the highest quality delicacies. For your online class or work from home time, sweet honey tea and amazing fresh scented candles are ideal.

Unlike other stores, Project Tea 28’s two highlighted scented candles, Fresh Bamboo and English Lavender, are made using natural components. It also includes three delicious tea flavors: Brain Booster, Hibiscus Sangria, and Sweet Dreams.

Brik by Brik

Do you ever get the uneasy feeling that something is lacking when you’re setting up your living room? Perhaps a good piece of canvas art would help you put this uneasy sensation to rest.

Worry no more, because Brik by Brik can assist you in discovering various aesthetic and captivating canvas designs.

Balay De Amor PH

Balay de Amor sells a variety of handmade baskets, rugs, wall patterns, mats, and other items at a lower price than the mall.

We can’t dispute that handcrafted products aren’t inexpensive because they take a long time to manufacture and are made with the workers’ own hands, and the materials used, such as abaca fiber, bacbac and dried leaves, and many others, are of excellent quality.

Silly Sutton

Do you want to be a part of the new craze during this pandemic? The solution is Silly Sutton!

Wearing a mask is inconvenient; it ruins your day’s clothing; however, a mask strap will not only make you look fantastic, but it will also keep your mask in place while you eat or drink. It can also be customized!

Silly Sutton also sells silky pillow cases made of high-quality silk fabric for a restful night’s sleep!


As Pili lokal grows, we can’t help but be impressed by the high quality of products that our fellow Filipino merchants bring to the table, with all these different sorts of products.

We can confidently declare that the best is yet to come, that Pili pino is poised to take over the globe.

What is Pililokal Marketplace?

Pililokal specializes on establishing a local marketplace for genuine and artisan goods. Local sellers can use this e-commerce platform to grow their enterprises in the neighborhood.

Pili has three major issues to deal with:

  • What exactly are Filipino goods?
  • Who are the Filipino artists and craftspeople?
  • Where do they market their wares?

Pililokal wants to address these concerns by creating an internet platform that allows customers to:

  • Know what things are made in the Philippines.
  • Locate Filipino businesspeople.
  • Gain access to a buyer’s and seller’s community in the Philippines

Do you want to help local companies but aren’t sure how? This is your chance to help Filipino entrepreneurs and give back to your community!

Send your questions to sales@pililokal.com or call us at +63998 902 2096 if you’re a merchant.

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