Pedestrians and Cyclists Rights In Case Of Road Injury with Motor vehicle


This is a responsibility of every citizen to provide protection to the public. These are the rights that every property owner should have to follow for the betterment of the world. The fact is that if the pathways and sidewalk of the roads are damaged and have a hole then it becomes a reason for an accident for the pedestrians. There are many circumstances that lead to the accident such as if a collision took place on a highway or either vehicle was in motion.

The road traffic accidents are the part of people lives and if they happen then there is always a chance that bicycle rider or pedestrian becomes a victim of an accident. Let’s have look towards rules and regulations for their safety in an accident:

Pedestrians and cyclists younger than 14 years: The 100% rule

If there any accident happens on the road with the pedestrian or cycle rider who is younger than 14 years then government conclude that it is a responsibility of motor vehicle. The motorist is always considering being 100 percent responsible for the injury happened to the kid whether pedestrian or cyclist. The fault of the child is excluded from the case unless a child has caused the collision intentionally. Let’s have look different scenarios and explain the rules and regulations:

For instance, if the person is driving a car on a residential street and speed up his car in the parked car runs. If a 10-year-old child is on the way and driver tries his best to stop a car but still, the collision happens then it must be a liability driver.

For instance, the driver is driving his car through the street and the wind blows. If the child ever passes and car driver unable to view the scene and hits the kid. It collides with the kid then it is also a case in which driver has to pay for all the expenses of child injury.

Pedestrians and cyclists aged 14 and older. The 50% rule

If the collision of the motor vehicle happens with the pedestrian or cyclist of just 14 years old and it’s older then the driver has to face 50 percent liability. The driver has to pay 50 percent for the expenses of child injury. However, there will not soon be an inevitable accident, if there is traffic mistake of others or sudden physical defects driver or bad weather.

If there is any happening of unavoidable accident from the motorist then he/she must 50 percent liable for the accident and injuries. Let’s have look towards a scenario:

For instance, if the motorist driving his car between 90 to 50 miles on the road while cyclist riding his cycle without stabbing out his hand. In this scenario, both drivers are making mistakes but the mistake of the car driver is taken more seriously.

If an accident ever happens to you then make sure to file a compensation claim. You have to engage personal injury solicitor Bolton with yourself to learn facts and figures of the scenario.

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