Outer Banks Season 3: Everything We Know


Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks seasons 1 and 2.

Outer Banks loves to seal each season with a (ridiculous, yet undeniably delightful) bang. Dramatic cliffhangers have long earned teen dramas their pedigree, and the Netflix fan favorite following a crew of young misfits chasing riches along the North Carolina coast doesn’t reinvent the wheel. If you’ve ever watched a teen soap, you know the drill: Set aside your misgivings. Buy into the asinine. Only then can the real fun begin.

Season 1 accomplished the fireworks in its finale, in which orphaned fugitive John B Routledge’s wild attempt to evade police capture led him to crash his boat directly into a tropical storm. But he and his rich-girl flame, Sarah Cameron, were soon revealed to have survived the wreck—and not only were they alive and well, they were rescued by a boat that just so happened to be headed to Nassau, where $400 million in gold awaited them.

But wait—season 2 ups the ante by a hair-raising degree. There are car chases! Heists! A stolen ambulance! Boat explosions! Alligator attacks! A dubious doctor and his even more dubious approach to stitching up bullet wounds! Allergic reactions to wasp stings! Sewer floods! A murder in the pouring rain! Don’t think too much about whether any of it makes sense—just soak it in. By the time the second season ricochets to a close, it’s impossible to remember all that’s happened, but you’ll be too drunk on adrenaline to care. And after that major reveal in the final seconds of the finale, all you can do is clap dumbly for an encore. @Learn With Zilli

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