New Pirate-themed slot games


The pursuit of treasure that many pirates are on is not unlike slot players and their search for a big win. Perhaps this is the reason why pirate and napoleon slots are so popular with players. More and more pirate-themed slot games are being released every year.

Pirate themed slots 

Pirates are often the stuff of myth and legend. They sailed around in ships across the sea and stole from people, all in the pursuit of lost treasure. There are some similarities between a pirate and a slot player, although the slot player may not be sailing across the sea and stealing from people, they are certaining in pursuit of winning cash, in other words lost treasure. Pirates are instantly recognisable to players, making them a great baiss for a slot game, with things such as the talking parrot, wooden legged pirate and sword fights all common aspects of a pirate themed slot. The music also tries to create a swashbuckling atmosphere, with many pirate themed slots choosing music that represents treasure and the pursuit of money. 

New Pirate Slots 

The adventures of pirates as they searched for lost treasures has long been mythised by people, making it the perfect theme for slot games. The following are some of the newest pirate slots that players will encounter. 

  1. Ghost Pirates – This slot is developed by NetEnt and boasts impressive graphics and animations. The game also offers players the chance to enjoy a spooky atmosphere thanks to the tense music and ambience of the slot.
  2. Captain’s Treasure – This is a much more relaxed interpretation of pirates, with a more humorous take on their legend. The music is upbeat and catchy and the graphics are very enjoyable. The gameplay also fits into the light hearted mood due to its sheer fun. 

Other adventure themes 

The adventures of pirates have entertained people for years, it makes sense why so many players would enjoy the theme. However, pirates are not the only slot theme that players will come across which offers the thrill of adventure. 

  •     Explorer themes – There are many slot themes which deal with exploring, something which is a key aspect of pirates. These exploring themes often deal with finding some long buried treasure in ancient tombs.
  •     Action themes – Although these slot themes don’t always feature the same amount of adventure, they promise to be just as exciting. Action themes have a crossover appeal of sorts due to the things that they depict.
  •     Movies – These themes take a popular film and make it the basis for a slot. Often, these will be movie blockbusters, typically action adventure type films, this means that there is a lot of crossover between the two theme types, ensuring that players who love adventure slots will find much to love about these slots too.

Final Thoughts 

Pirate themed slots are popular with developers, there is alot of range in the theme which means they can approach it from different angles. There are enw releases almost every week, meaning that if you are a big fan of the theme there will be nor shortage of games to enjoy.

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