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Need Tax Services? Avail Kaya Tax Service

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Tax can be equated to a nightmare for any businessman, if they don’t know how to manage their business and the tax requirements. For such businessmen and women, bookkeeping service in Irvine is there to help.

How can you manage your business?

Kaya Tax service, which is located in Irvine, California will give you a quick update and can easily solve your tax problems by providing some easy and proactive solutions. This service (Bookkeeping, tax & accounting) is really an affordable service to manage your business. Also, it will help you to keep your taxes low by handling all types of taxation issues like Tax returns, Tax planning, Delinquent returns etc.

What is an IRS audit?

It is another area of the Tax department where you can get the necessary solutions from Kaya Tax to manage your business and tax services. The services can help you by giving you solutions like removing tax levies and getting tax levies decreased.


Account and Bookkeeping services:

In this service we provide you with a professional and experienced team of accountants who will work with you and will help you to solve all of your tax related problems, like sales tax, bookkeeping services, accounting and business management services. Not only that, Kaya Tax also offers ways to keep your taxes as low as possible. We will surely provide you the best and clearest solutions to your tax problems.

The Payroll Services

Payroll Services

To cover all your business details, the Kaya Tax Service is here. We will record each and every small detail of yours as well as the big ones. This includes payroll services not limited to the paydays for you and your employees.

Simply put, Kaya Tax service helps you to solve all your accounting, bookkeeping and tax problems. Hence, do not waste any time in calling and getting Irvine tax help today.

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