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Natural Fibre Rugs- Varied Options That Can Help Reduce Toxicity

Finding out that perfect rug for your home can be a rather difficult task to achieve. With options galore, zeroing on that perfect piece to cover up your floors can be a tricky choice.

The market is flooded with various synthetic mats and carpet options; however, it is imperative to make a mention here that these shouldn’t be the ideal choice for your homes. On the contrary, natural choices like jute rugs, sisal rugs etc. are far safer for residential as well as official use.

Synthetic Rugs Can Be Dangerous

As a matter of fact, most of the synthetic fibre rugs, come pre-treated with different types of chemicals like fire retardants, insect/pest repellents, stain protectors etc. Together, they make a pretty dangerous concoction, that can be very harmful to inhale and touch. This directly puts the health of toddlers, pets and those suffering from asthma or other allergies, at high risk.

If you want aesthetically beautiful and appealing rugs which sans any harmful chemicals, then natural fibres are the best options to fulfil the requirement. Not only do they bring in the earthly rustic feel but they are totally safe and equally affordable as well.

Let us have a quick look at the natural fibre floor coverings that you may consider for your homes.

The woollen fibres are known to be skin friendly and have rarely been heard of having caused any sort of allergy, ever. Apart from this, the material is naturally fire resistant to a considerable degree and also acts as a sound and heat insulator. All in all, a great choice for floor covering that you may consider.

You can safely use jute rugs in the areas where you do not anticipate heavy rush. If you have a home without kids and pets, you may very well choose to go for this amazing eco-friendly option. They contribute beautifully to the office décors, too.

It is highly recommended in homes where its residents frequently suffer from allergy attacks and asthma. Making a shift towards sisal carpets and floor coverings will help you effectively deal with the problem.

Unlike its synthetic counterparts, sisal will not emit VOC’s thus contributing to the cleaner air, inside your premises.

Choosing to go with natural floor coverings like sisal, hemp, wool, jute rugs etc. is not only eco-friendly but also a safe option from the perspective of health.  

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