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Must Play Android Games for 90’s Kids

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We all love being reminded of our childhood some times. I belong to the generation but all you early millennial will also agree when I say that we had arguably the best shows growing up. At the risk of sounding old let me just say that all these new cartoons have far too many things that should not be in kids’ shows.

I know I know we have had our share of inappropriate shows too. I was just watching Johnny Bravo the other day, don’t ask how or why? It is a long story but yikes that is one creepy dude. Now, this took me down a rabbit hole from old Disney movies to Disney shows that were childhood favorites.

But then came the gaming phase, I don’t play a lot of games on my phone but I sure did when I was a kid. I had heard about Pokémon Go and Mario Kart but didn’t know that most of the classic 90’s games are now available on Smartphone’s.

I know you are possibly thinking that why am I talking about these games with such a sense of discovery. And if you are not asking that question then this article is for you. Whether you want to live a bit of those good old days or you might want to introduce your children or niece and nephew to your childhood games you will find what you are looking for here.

1. Super Mario

Playstore Rating – 3.7

Cost – Free to download with In-app purchases

There is absolutely no surprise that Super Mario is on top of the list. I have spent many summer vacations stuck in front of our television playing super Mario. It was one of the most beloved games of the 90s. Now it is available on android. Of course, the graphics are much better than the pixilated ones I was used to and the story narration is also great in the game.

Players can play all the modes once they have purchased the game with no additional payment required. In the free version, players can try all four modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

2. Super Shooter (Contra Android)

Playstore Rating – 3.7

Cost – Free to download with In-app purchases

Remember how badly we wanted the “S” power in the contra game during our childhood? Contra was arguably one of the most interesting games for the 90’s kids, wasn’t it? I know the late Millennial will judge us for loving a game with graphics like Contra’s. But to us, it was adventurous and amazing.  The game required 2 players and both the players have to share the same screen so one can’t go ahead without another player.

The play store version is quite similar. The player’s default weapon is an unlimited ammunition rifle that can be upgraded to four other weapons.

3. Circus (Circus Charlie)

Playstore Rating – 4.2

Cost – Free to download with Ads

Now this one is a little novice game that I think I played when I was 5-6 years old. Circus Charlie has quite simple controls just your old jump and runs a game. The game has a kid who is sitting on a lion, you have to control the kid and make him and the lion pass through hoops on fire.

The android version is quite similar to the old TV video game we were fond of. You can say it is purely for people who want a bit of nostalgia since the graphics also replicates the 90s version.

4. Duck Hunt

Playstore Rating – 4.4

Cost – Free to download with Ads

The video consoles in the 90s came with a gun. Now as far as I know I have only used it to play Duck Hunt. I still remember the evil laugh the dog gave if when I used to miss the target. But it was also one of my personal favorites games back then because of the gun. Now the Android version doesn’t give you the liberty to hold an actual gun but it has better graphics than its 90’s counterpart.

5. Pac-Man

Playstore Rating – 4.4

Cost – Free to download with Ads

I never played Pac-man at home but at video game shops which had the big Pac-man arcade machines. I have put down quite a lot of my pocket money for the game. But it is truly one of my personal favorites. Pac-man has to eat all the things he could while avoiding the ghosts. It is one of the old-time classics that I am sure all the Gen Z are missing.

On the play store, you can find a variety of Pac-man games but I like the classic one by BANDAI Namco Entertainment.

Do you remember how each and every game of the 90s had its own amazing music? A fun activity for you might see if you can still identify the games by their music. If you do decide to try the games and find yourself in nostalgia then contact your friends with any of these apps and rekindle the memories of old times.

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