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Must-Have Cleaning Supplies for Every Home

The cleaning and sanitizing your beautiful home are necessary. It will save you from diseases which are caused due to dirt, dust, germs and bacteria living in your house and also everyone likes to live in a clean and tidy space. 

However, cleaning is a tough and time taking task and even it is a tiring task, and I get tired even by thinking about it, and it almost takes two to three days to get myself ready for the whole process. You can also assign this task to professionals House Cleaning Baltimore and make them do it for you, or you can start yourself. 

However, to start cleaning, you will need certain cleaning supplies, which are easy to use cleaners and equipment which are going to help you out in cleaning every bit of your house.

So, let’s make our cleaning supply kit and start our cleaning process. 



This is going to be your saviour from your kit. It is effective on all types of surfaces. You can use it in your kitchen, bathroom and everywhere. Just choose the eco-friendly version, and you are good to go. 



These will help you clean any surface with using little or no water. They are also good to clean dust and allergens. They are soft so, won’t leave any scratches on appliances or furniture.



To clean mirrors and glass windows, you need cleaners specially made for them which will remove grime and marks without leaving blemishes or stickiness.

Home tip: Mix some white vinegar with water and put in a spray bottle or a bowl and clean the glass and mirrors with it.



It will help you kill those germs and bacteria and make your home surroundings free from them and make it clean and safe. You can find many disinfectants in the market which comes in many fragrances also.



It will make your everyday cleaning tasks easy. You can easily clean grouts and hard stains from your bathroom tiles.



This is a must-have for cleaning the daily dirt from kitchen floors or other places.



 It is going to be very helpful in cleaning your wood, tiles or linoleum floors.  It can easily clean any dust, dirt and hairs from any floor. 



This is going to be your key player if you have the best one. You should choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with extra power, has detachable tools, reach every corner of your home is easy to handle and also for your family to use and breathe in.



This is going to save your hands and keep them soft and protected from harsh chemicals. It would be best if you used either latex or rubber made gloves which are both reusable and easy to wear.



They are a big saviour of your carpets and sofas if you have pets around.  These lint rollers will help you pick those hairs and will also remove the fuzzy coating.



They are not just helpful in and around the kitchen to clean pots, pans with baked-on the oily surface, but you can also clean the kitchen sink.

You can use Brillo pads to remove those soap scum from glass shower doors to sharpen knives and scissors, remove rust and also to take scuff marks from floors. 



It is going to solve many cleaning issues, as many steam mops work at 250, which makes it capable of killing germs and bacteria from your floors, they will work on all hard floors. 



We all like having carpets laid in our living rooms, but how beautiful it may look they are tough to clean. So, you must have a carpet cleaner like cleaning spray and carpet steam to clean it deep down.

All these equipment and supplies will make your work very easy and fast, but if don’t want to do it than you can come to Baltimore House Cleaning, they are experts in cleaning your home bit by bit.

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